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Monday, December 11, 2017

10 Top Rated Hotels in Tokyo Chosen by Travelers 2017

10:09:00 PM
As Tokyo is getting ready for the upcoming 2020 Olympics the number of hotels offering accommodation to foreign visitors has exploded. Every year a number of new hotels are opening up their doors to the increasing number of visitors from all over the world (check out my list of new Tokyo hotels 2017 here), making it hard to know which hotels that provide the best experience for its guests. It can also be hard to choose from the large number of options out there, ranging from traditional ryokan inns to futuristic capsule hotels.
In this post, I will present Tokyo’s 10 best-ranked hotels according to guest reviews on the hotel booking site Agoda. The hotels included in this post are all 3+ star hotels, and have received a minimum of 50 guest reviews. They are ranked below by average review score where 10/10 is the maximum.

Visiting Osaka? Check out: 10 Top Rated Hotels in Osaka Chosen by travelers 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

[Hotel Review] Tokyo: A night at the upscale Centurion Classic Akasaka - Premier Family Suite

10:56:00 PM

More and more of the hotels opening up in the Japanese capital Tokyo are catering towards foreign guests. With an increasing number of visitors preferring apartment-style accommodation that can accommodate larger family groups as well there are also hotels that try to adapt to this trend by offering wider rooms and the sort of equipment you'd regularly find in an apartment. This is also the case for The Centurion Classic Akasaka, a newly opened hotel situated in Akasaka, an upscale area north of Roppongi popular among wealthy foreigners.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tokyo Restaurants: Fish your own meal at the Fishing Restaurant ZAUO

10:46:00 AM
Tokyo might not be the first destination that you'd think of for your next fishing trip. But if you want to try and catch your own dinner without the risk of having to go home with an empty stomach there are indeed options available for you. As an expat living in Tokyo I usually would cook my own dinner at home, but this time I took my visiting family to the fishing restaurant Zauo in Shibuya where we tried it out for ourselves. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

[Hotel Review] Manila: A night at the Hotel H2O Aquarium Hotel

9:20:00 PM
On our way back from holiday in Brunei my darling Yuma and I had a one day layover in the Pilipino capital Manila. With only one night to spare we wanted to make sure we could get a memorable stay, and after having done some research about accommodation I stumbled about Hotel H2O, a hotel that comes fully equipped with its own underwater world in the hotel room.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Brunei's Best Hotel: The Empire Hotel and Country Club

10:08:00 PM
Have you ever wondered how it's like to stay at Brunei's best hotel? For the last part of our trip to Brunei my darling and I had the pleasure of staying at The Empire Hotel and Country Club, a self-proclaimed seven-star hotel where even the Sultan himself occasionally comes to play polo. The hotel has been welcoming guests since 2000 and has become a symbol of Brunei's cultural heritage with its extravagant and luxurious interior.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sightseeing in Brunei: A Visit to an Iban Longhouse

10:50:00 PM
For the second half of our day trip to the Ulu Temburong National Park we went to visit the house of a local Iban tribe called a "longhouse". As the word "longhouse" indicates this is literarily a long house. Once upon a time it started out just as one small building ment for a single couple, but as the younger members of the family got married they would add a small house of the exact size and shape next to their parents/relatives' house, thus making the house grow longer and longer with each new generation. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Brunei: A Day Trip to the "Green Jewel of Brunei" Ulu Temburong National Park

8:14:00 PM
During our stay in Brunei the most exciting experience we had was when we went for a day trip to Brunei’s first National Park called Ulu Temburong. This area is a part of the Batu Apoi Forest reserves and it has been under protection as a safe haven for nature since 1991. In fact, up until revent years it was only accessible for researchers. These days the area is also open to low impact Eco-tourism, so if you're interested in a unique glimpse into the life in the jungle this is definitely something for you. In addition to the jungle adventure we also stopped by a long-house, the authentic home of a family in the local Iban tribe. You can read more about this in my next post, but without further redo here's a short introduction to our jungle adventure.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Behind the Scenes of the Kawagoe Festival: Pulling the Festival Floats

11:47:00 PM
Every year on the third weekend of October the charming town Kawagoe, also known as "Little Edo" (Koedo), gets ready for one of their biggest events of the year; the Kawagoe festival. The town attracts around 6.2 million visitors a year, with the 2-day long Kawagoe festival being the liveliest event of the year.
Above: Photo taken from the last time I visited the Kawagoe festival
I visited Kawagoe a couple of years ago to see the Kawagoe festival (you can read more about that here), but this time I had gotten the chance to be one of the participants pulling the floats thanks to Japan Room Finder

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Asap SCIENCE Study Tips to Study Smarter instead of longer

10:12:00 AM

Just came across this video from AsapScience about how to study smarter instead of longer.
As a full-time employee it is hard for me to find time to study outside of work. This video gave me some interesting tips that might make it easier for me to keep up with my studies while also doing my best at the regular job. I hope it can be of help for you too :)

Here is the transcript of the video:

Time for school! And it's no surprise that many of us are determined to study smarter instead of longer. But which study tips and tricks actually work scientifically and can help you get those perfect grades? First up, research shows that study sessions are most effective in small short chunks. Instead of cramming in a 10 our study session. It's much more effective to spread it out into twenty thirty minute sessions over a few weeks. This is because your brain is better at encoding information into the synapses in short repeated sessions as opposed to one large one.
And this is why even learning different skills whether it's swimming tennis or a singing lesson often follows the same format. And well cramming and pulling all nighters maybe a ritual, it turns out that this is linked to the lowest grades. After prolonged nocturnal study sessions, reasoning and memory may be negatively affected for up to four whole days. Instead, setting up specific times in a day or during the week just to study, primes your brain by creating a routine and over time studying actually becomes easier as your brain is trained to learn in those moments.
And while many of us spend hours passively rereading our notes or highlighting a text book, studies have shown this to be an effective. It doesn't improve your understanding of topics nor does it link key concepts together. It can even be detrimental as it draws your attention to less important information. Flashcards on the other hand are proven to be excellent memory reinforcement’s tools. Whether it’s during scheduled study time or drying off times like a bus ride home.
It also helps to have a specific goal for each study session. Instead of aimlessly studying, pick one aspect of focus on. Whether it's balancing chemical equations or learning how to conjugate French verbs. If you can't explain it simply then you don't understand it well enough. In studies where individuals were asked to learn a passage and then half were told that they would be tested on the material while the other half were told they would have to teach it to other students, participants expecting to teach it did much better at understanding the main points. When you're expecting to teach, your brain organizes the information in a more logical-coherence structure.
Of course practice practice practice. Not only do you practice test your brain in the environment but even if you make mistakes they help identify gaps in your knowledge. Practice tests have also been shown to increase confidence thereby leading to better performance. So where should you be studying research shows that having a designated secret spot for study that's well equipped with every tool you might need is best. Just like setting times this primes your brain for studying. Have an awesome study playlist? Not so fast. While some studies have shown that certain types of classical music can help improve concentration, a recent study has shown that learning with rhythmic background noise can be detrimental to focus and those not using music fared much better.
And if you haven't already, put away your phone! This is a no-brainer but your text and social media notifications severely decrease concentration. Of course exams can be extremely stressful so if you want some tips on how to deal with exam anxiety, check out our ASAP thought video which breaks down some tips for that . Link in the description.
And a big thank you to TD Bank for sponsoring this video. If you're heading to campus this fall, click on the link below or visit /student to see how TD CAN help you start school with a plan. We know how tough it can be getting buried in books and bills and TD has some great solutions for you. Be sure to check it out and subscribe for more weekly science videos.

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