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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Karaoke, ceramics and phone troubles

Another little update from Japan coming up..!
Like I mention in my previous blogpost I went to karaoke on friday! It was my first time actually (unless you count the Singstar-games for Playstation 2)..!
We decided to order two rooms, since we were around 15-20 people going. And so we spent the evening singing.
It was fun, but the next time I´ll be go
ing to karaoke I´ll make sure to do some research

beforehand to make sure I know which song I want to sing and so on.
They have some huge catalogues with songs you can
choose from both in Japanese and English, so it was actually kind of hard to pick a song. But the machine one uses to reserve songs is easier than the catalogue though, you can search by artist names and so on.
Anyway, since I were going to school on Saturday I didn´t join the others who were planning on going downtown but went home instead.

On Saturday I got up early and went by bus to a place called Fujihira Togei Studio where I´ll be taking my ceramics classes. It was kinda far even by bus, but next time I guess I´ll be going by bicycle instead.
The ceramic class was really fun though, it´s by first time making pottery like this.. You can see the pictures of the cups I made here too:)! Yay!
Even when the teacher told us to take lunch break I didn´t really feel like stopping the work. Haha..

After class I went home and slept for a while. Then I met up with some of my dorm-friends and we had a really funny evening playing twister and card games.! It was great:)

Today I´ve just been studying and relaxing. Well, I did actually try to get myself a cellphone though it didn´t really work out that well.
It seems the cellphone-company Softbank aren´t that eager when it comes to selling me a pre-paid phone. They are sold out everywere, and nobody knows when there will be new phones available. I could always get a phone with a contract, but then I need a japanese bank account which I haven´t got yet.. It´s so irritating.. Oh well..

At least I´ve finished all my homework now, so I´m ready for a new and challenging week.
See you later;)

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  1. You don't need a Japanese bank account, you can use your Norwegian visa. If you have your health registration card, Alien Registration card (or alternatively the blue paper you can buy while you wait for the ARC) and your Norwegian visa + your passport it should be fine.

  2. Hmm, they somehow failed to mention that to me at the shop I went to yesterday:-/..
    But I´ll try again tomorrow then! Thanks xD!

  3. Skal si du har fått mye ut av den første tiden i Japan! Det er kjempespennende å lese hva du skriver :) Ser også at du har begynt på keramikk kurs nå. Det er kjempekjekt! Du går i din mormors fotspor :) Mormor er med meg på jobben om torsdagene. Jeg har ansvar for kjeramikken i kunst og håndverk timene. Det er 14 barn i gruppen, så det er mange å hjelpe, og derfor er jeg utrolig glad for at mormor kommer hjelper meg :)Skal hilse masse fra henne! Kos deg videre Anette!
    Klem fra mamma

  4. Yeah, you might have to fight with them a bit to actually get the phone. We had to go to two different shops. In the first one they went "no, we can't sell you any phone without the ARC", but in the second one it was okay. Åse

  5. Mamma: Takk takk:) Lastet ikke du ned skype? Jeg har lagt deg til der.. Vi kan snakke sammen gratis på skype nemlig;) Hils til mormor også da..! ;)

    Åse: Ok..! I went to another Softbank today cause I thought the service I got at the first one wasn´t that good.. So now I´ve got the phone, finally :D


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