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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Calendar: 1st of Desember

So, it´s December again..! This will be my first Christmas being celebrated without my family, and I guess that will be a bit strange for me.
The Japanese christmas is quite different from the one being celebrated in western countries; it´s more like a valentines day than a family day really. That´s not that strange though, while Christmas isn´t a tradition in Japan and the large majority of people in Japan has no interest in christianity.
Anyway, since I don´t have any Christmas calendar this year I´ve decided to post a picture on my blog everyday, hopefully something that can show both the beauty of Kyoto and also perhaps some interesting moments of my days here.
Todays picture is taken by the entrance to iHouse, the dorm I´m living in. Our dorm manager has already made the dorm ready for Christmas, as you can see. A bit early perhaps, but on the other hand they put up the christmas-tree at Kyoto Station a couple of weeks ago..

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