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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back to Thailand: Chatuchak Market, Baiyoke Sky Hotel and the end of our trip

After spending a couple of days in Siem Reap it was time to move on, and go back to Bangkok. Our return flight from Bangkok to Osaka was getting closer, and we wanted to spend a couple of days in Bangkok before going back to Japan.

Since we wanted a more comfortable bus ride back to Thailand we decided to go for the more expensive bus to Bangkok, since the staff at the hotel claimed that we would arrive earlier, and that there wouldn´t be a lot of people on the bus so the travelling would be comfortable and crossing the border would be faster as well. So we got up early in the morning waiting for the bus company to come and pick us up. Then we got dropped of outside another hotel where we and some other tourists waited for a while before another car showed up.
In the end me, Adaora, a Chinese girl and a guy from Japan turned out to be the ones who were going with the bus. Though for some reason none of us had seen any bus yet, which we did find a bit strange.
Anyway, the new car drove for a while before the driver suddenly stopped the car and went out. Our patient was already running low since it was early in the morning, and all the waiting was getting on my nerve.
After another 5-10 minutes the driver shows up again with another girl, who turned out to be German, and me Adaora, the Chinese girl and the German girl ended up sitting rather uncomfortably squeezed in the back of the car.

There was still no sign of that comfy bus we was promised though. After a while the German girl got a phone-call from her friends, and they asks her about the trip. Their questions make her ask the driver when we will reach the bus we were supposed to travel with, and the driver answers: “Bus had accident. I take you to border. . Trip take 2 hours”

Back in Bangkok we stayed at my teacher Tiengs place again, and in the evening he took us out for dinner at an outdoor buffet which is very popular among the locals. The food was really great, and we had a good time.

Chatuchak Market
On Sunday me, Adaora and our French friend Lulu went to the Chatuchak weekend market in the north part of town. We had heard that the market would be crammed, so we got up extra early to avoid as many other tourists as possible. Getting there was easy, and the area was huge, so even though not all of the shops were open when we arrived (around 9 o´clock) there was still a lot to see.

A button collection..
The market is actually divided into different areas depending on the stuff they sell, and you can basically find anything here.. 

But there aren´t all the parts of the market that I liked that much. It just hurts me to see dogs caged up like that, and the market actually has a whole area where they sell pets, all of them placed in uncomfortably small cages. It made me feel sick just to watch them like that.
But there was also some entertainment in the market, beside all the tourists and stores. Here is a funny-looking guy who had a little dance-show going on..

He looked veery pretty.. Indeed.. :p

Our last day in Thailand me and Adaora went to the city center again, this time because we wanted to get a view of the city before going back to Japan.
After walking around in the city for a while we ended up in the so-called Baiyoke Sky Hotel, which has an observatory on the upper floors.

In addition to the nice view the Sky Hotel also has some interesting backgrounds and stuff for tourist who likes to fool around taking pictures. And we definitely did.!

We never got the chance to take an air-balloon trip in Cambodia, so this was the closest we got to "the real thing"..
Not to much to say about the weather though, it was pretty bad during our whole stay in Thailand, both the first time and also the second time.
Adaora checking out the view.

The Bangkok Sky Hotel was the last place we went to on our trip. In the evening we left Bangkok again, and this time we were heading for Japan again.
It had been a really nice and funny trip, but at the same time I think we both were happy that the traveling was over for this time. Especially because of all the problems that had occurred in Japan during our one-month long trip we were actually quite excited that we were able to return to Japan at all.
But now it is back to reality and school here in Kyoto. I'm pretty sure I still have a lot of adventures ahead of me here in Kyoto as well, so stay in tuned;)
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