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Friday, January 27, 2012

Double Master Degree Program (DMDP) at Ritsumeikan University

For those of you who are considering taking a master degree at Ritsumeikan University it might be interesting to know that this university actually offers a so-called Double Master Degree Program for anyone looking for an extra challenge.
Normally it takes two years at Ritsumeikan to achieve a master degree, but with this program you can get two master degrees instead by studying a year at Ritsumeikan and a year abroad.
Currently there are 7 universities in 5 different countries where you have the chance to go to with the DMDP. These include:

  • American University (USA)
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
  • University of Granada (Spain)
  • Lancaster University (UK)
  • Royal Holloway University of London (UK)
  • University of York (UK)
  • Kyung Hee University (Korea)
In addition to the chance to studying abroad in yet another country, this program will also make your education cheaper since Ritsumeikan offers a Kyotei-ryugaku scholarship for participants of this program, which means that half of your tuition fees for the year abroad will be covered by Ritsumeikan. And considering tuition fees being high, combined with the fact that it is more expensive to live in Japan than any of the countries listed above, it is quite a good deal if you have what it takes to go through with the program. Besides, it is also possible to do the program in 2 1/2 year if you feel you need more time to finish.

For more information about the program, check out this page.

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  1. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u...

    University of York

    1. Great if the information could be of any help!
      It is not that easily to come across information about the DMDP at Ritsumeikan's home page unless you already know about it, so I though it would be good to make it more available.


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