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Thursday, May 23, 2013

White Pigeon Wedding Modeling in Kyoto!

Last year I did some modeling for a company called Kyoto Weddings, which offers its wedding planning services to foreigners who want to get married Japanese style in Kyoto. The photographer, Yuuki Kuwabara, contacted me again about a month ago and asked me if I had any plans to go to Japan in the near future.
Getting dressed up.. Nice ikebana hair! ^^
Yuuki was going to do a photo shooting for a company called White Pigeon which also specializes in wedding dresses, and they wanted to use me for a photo shooting. Luckily I had already planned on a weekend trip to Japan in the beginning of May, and the date turned out to work well with the rest of the team too.
So I met up at Kyoto Kokusai Hotel where I was greeted by the lady behind White Pigeon, Shoko Kono, and the rest of the staff. Shoko had prepared 3 dresses for the photo shooting, and the stylist arranged my hair for the first dress using real flowers making my hair look like an ikebana-creation.. It was really cool!
From there we went to an old building called the 京都府庁旧本館, a renaissance style building from 1904 which used to be used as a government office building. Shoko and her team had rented the building for 3 hours, and the rest of the afternoon was spent taking photos which you can see here:
The first wedding dress; white with purple flowers for the hair

A close-up of the dress from behind
The second wedding dress was also white, with some additional yellow details 
Nice architecture ^^

A close-up

The third wedding dress was black, and quite fancy
Flying feathers..
Cool Black Wedding Dress

This includes some of my favorite shots of the day. I hope you liked the photos! :)
Apparently they'll be featured in some magazine later.. We'll see ^^

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