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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How To: Make Your Own Magnetic Cork Planters

Recently there has been a lot of online sites with interesting craft projects for wine corks. If you, like me, tend to end up with a larger number of wine corks that you somehow never end up throwing away, this might be a good chance to use the corks for something useful. Here is some pictures from my recent craft project making magnetic cork planters:

Cork project prt 1
All you need is glue, a couple of corks, a tool (small knife etc) to hollow out the corks, the equivalent number of succulent plants, and magnets to stick to the back of the corks.

A cork with the magnet glued to the back
Hollowing out the corks was a bit harder than I had thought. The cork material is very soft and rubbery, and doesn't give in that easily. Because of that it took a bit longer to get the job done than I would have thought, and it also made it harder to make an even hole for the plant.
Still, with a little bit of help from Yuma it didn't take more than 15-20 minutes to finish the craft project. You can check out the finished result below:

Finished hollowing out the cork

The magnetic corks on the refridgerator

There are many cute things you can make from abundant wine corks. For more wine cork projects, please check out this buzzfeed page
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