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Thursday, October 13, 2016

[October only] Autumn Time Sale – Up to 50% discount on Tokyo & Yokohama hotels

Planning a trip to Tokyo this autumn? If you are looking for some good deals on hotels in Tokyo and/or Yokohama you can check out the following deals from hotel booking site Agoda. Be aware that the offers are only available for bookings done before October 21st! 

This time sale has come to an end. For the newest updates about time sales click here

Booking period: 14th October – 21st October
Stay Period: 14th October – 31st December

50% Discount:

Mitsui Garden Hotel Shiodome Italia-gai

Hotel Page Here: https://www.agoda.com/mitsui-garden-hotel-shiodome-italia-gai/hotel/tokyo-jp.html?cid=1732488

Hotel Allamanda Aoyama Tokyo
(ホテル アラマンダ青山)

Hotel Page Here: https://www.agoda.com/hotel-allamanda-aoyama-tokyo/hotel/tokyo-jp.html?cid=1732488

40% Discount:

Hotel Monterey Hanzomon 
(ホテルモントレ半蔵門 )

Hotel Page Here:

Hotel Monterey Akasaka 

Hotel Page Here:

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Hamamatsucho Daimon 
(相鉄フレッサイン 浜松町大門)

Hotel Page Here: https://www.agoda.com/sotetsu-fresa-inn-hamamatsucho-daimon/hotel/tokyo-jp.html?cid=1732488

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo-Toyocho 
(相鉄フレッサイン 東京東陽町駅前)

Hotel Page Here:

35% Discount:

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort 
(東京ベイ舞浜ホテル クラブリゾート)

Hotel Page Here:

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo Kyobashi 
(相鉄フレッサイン 東京京橋)

Hotel Page Here:

30% Disount:

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba 
(グランドニッコー東京台場 )

Hotel Page Here:

Celestine Hotel 
(セレスティン ホテル)

Hotel Page Here:

25% Discount:

Sakura Fleur Aoyama Hotel
(サクラ フルール 青山 ホテル )

Hotel Page Here:

23% Discount:

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Yokohama Sakuragicho 
(相鉄フレッサイン 横浜桜木町)

Hotel Page Here:

20% Discount:

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo Hotel 
( プリンス パークタワー東京 )

Hotel Page Here:

Hotel New Otani Tokyo The Main 
(ホテルニューオータニ東京 メイン )

Hotel Page Here:

Hotel Associa Shin-Yokohama 
(ホテルアソシア新横浜 )

Hotel Page Here:

Hotel Wing International Shinjuku 
(ホテルウィングインターナショナル新宿 )

Hotel Page Here:

Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Ginza 

Hotel Page Here:

Shinjuku Granbell Hotel 

Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo 

Hotel New Otani Tokyo Garden Tower 
(ホテルニューオータニ東京 ガーデンタワー)

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza 

Hotel Sunroute Ginza 
(ホテルサンルート銀座 )

Hikari House Tokyo 

Hotel Page Here:

Toshi Center Hotel 

Hotel Page Here:

Kichijoji Dai-ichi Hotel 

Hotel Page Here:

10% Discount:

New Otani Inn Yokohama Hotel 

Hotel Page Here:

Hotel Francs 
(ホテル フランクス )

Hotel Page Here:

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