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Monday, January 31, 2011

Spa World in Osaka!

Yuma and a statue by the entrance to Spa World
On Saturday me, Yuma, Silke and Bano went to Osaka to spend the day in a place called Spa World not that far from Osaka Bay.
The entrance fee for Spa World normally costs between 2400-2700 yen for three hours, but right now they have a campaign going on so that you can enter the place for only 1000 yen and stay there for about as many hours as you´d like. This campaign lasts out March, so if you are in the area you should definitely go ahead while you have the chance;)
The four of us in front of the entrance to Spa World. I guess the guy we asked to take the photo wasn't exacly a photographer, but after all I´m just glad he didn't run of with my camera cause he seemed a bit shady.. heheemm..

Spa World actually consists of 6 floors; in the basement they have a relaxation room, then the first floor is the reception area. Then there is one floor for the European style baths, one for the Asian style baths, in addition to a floor where there are restaurants and a floor with normal pool area (water slides etc). If you want to exercise they actually has a gym as well!
This month the European style baths was open only to women, and the Asian style baths only to men. This is something that changes every month though, so if you go again at another month you can experience totally new surroundings..

A picture I took of the pool area. Unlike the European and Asian styled baths, the pool area is open for everybody independent of gender.
Here they also have two water slides, but you have to pay additionally 300 yen each time you use them. Me and Yuma tried out one of them once though, and it was great!

In the third floor they have a restaurant area with a wide selection of food. That is to say, you don´t get much for your money so I recommend bringing your own lunch. Note our typical Spa World clothes by the way! They kinda looks like they were made for prisoners, haha:)
In the third floor they also has a Fish Therapy bath where you can let the small fishes eat on your toes for the neat price of 1050 yen. Woho! :P.. Kind of interesting though, I might have wanted to tried it if it was cheaper..
Poor things, they probably don´t get much food..

I couldn´t really bring my camera inside the European spa area, so I´ve copied some of the pictures from Spa World´s internet page instead.
The Roman style bath

The greek styled bath

..and one with inspiration from Finland.

Finally, the view of Tsutenkaku Tower seen from outside Spa World.

We arrived at Spa World there at 12 in the afternoon and left around 6 in the evening, and still I would have liked to stay there longer. I am definitely going back next month to try out the Asian style baths..!!

UPDATE: Spa World is still running an 1000-yen entrance campaign, at least out December 2011. But for some reason they don't write about this in their English page, it is only written in Japanese.. However, non-Japanese also get to enter for the same price.

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