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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sightseeing in Bolivia: Fiesta in La Paz

Beautiful dances and costumes
This Saturday my friend Shirley invited me to come join her family, who was going to watch a parade taking place close to the place she lives.
In La Paz, many of the streets are named after dates, for instance the avenue 16. de Agosto which goes through the city center. And the great thing about the names of these streets, is that they tell you exactly when you can expect to come across great celebrations at these places!

These festivals are a good chance to take a look at both local and more international dance styles, and also a lot of nice costumes. Here you can see everything from dancing devils, girls in mini-skirts (which you never really see here in Bolivia.. I think..) to dancing cholita ladies with costumes that costs thousands of Bolivianos (and which I guess are extremely expensive for an average Bolivian cholita lady..)
The parade started at 12 in the afternoon and lasted until 2 a.m, but I "only" stayed for about 5 hours or so. Though the dancers aren't supposed to stop during the parade this does happen from time to time when family members wants to take pictures, or perhaps help them get their costumes right etc. Also, the family members usually brings beverages to the dancers, and the later it gets the more alcohol is being consumed also among the dancers themselves. I guess it probably gets more entertaining the longer you stay.. :p Anyway, here are some more pictures and movies from the parade:

Some of the more traditional outfits?
Boys dancing with bells on their feet! You bet they made a lot of noice!
Shirley and her sister:)
Some guys with weird masks..!
I was forced to join too.. Haha.. Here with one of Shirley's cousins.

One of the banners representing a new dancing school/a new dancing style
Dancing cholitas!
Some.. Warriors perhaps..?
Some of the musicians in more traditional costumes
One of the dancers getting helped with his costume. He doesn't seem to mind:)
The parade was divided into smaller groups, which all represented different costume- and dancing styles. It was really amazing!
Details from one of the devil costumes..
I also got to try out some local food, and it was great just to be able to enjoy a normal day at a Bolivian festival. Haha..
In the evening we had a hail storm ruining a bit because it became quite cold, but all in all it was a great day.  Thanks, Shirley! ;D
A festival for all ages, and not only for devils.. Here they all dance side by side:p
A car decorated with.. Spoons and plates?!
Fiesta for everyone:)

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