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Friday, August 17, 2012

Korea, my new home!

Today I left Japan heading for Seoul in Korea where I'll be staying as an DMDP-exchange student at Kyung Hee University for a year. Arriving in Seoul I took the airport bus into the city, and arrived at the hostel I'll be staying at the first week a couple of hours later.

So far everything has gone well, although I have to admit that the language barrier makes me a bit uncertain. When I arrived in Japan two years ago I had already had a lot of practice during my two years of studying at the University of Bergen, so I didn't really have any problems related to language as far as I can remember. Now the situation is a little bit different; although I took a course my last semester at Ritsumeikan the progress of the course was rather slow because of the Japanese students not being willing to do their homework and learn the Hangul letters like they were supposed to.. ><

Anyway, I'll be staying a week at Windroad Hostel, so I have some time to get used to the area before I move to the university dorm! I'll try to continue updating my blog on what I'm up to as well;)

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