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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Seoul: Street-art in Naksan

The end of the semester is drawing near, and things have become pretty busy lately. However, as this is my last semester in Korea I decided to join my Indonesian friend Maya for a short daytrip to Seoul this week to get a bit of a changed in my environment from the usual days at school.

We had decided to go to a place called Naksan park, and ironically this park can be found in the Hyehwa area where I also stayed during my first weeks in Korea. It was strange to be back there again!

Anyway, Naksan is in fact also the name of the mountain where the park is situated (the -san comes of course from the Chinese character 山), and the Nak-part is apparently abbreviated from the Korean word for camel (nakta - 낙타). I guess the mountain might resemble the hump of a camel..?

The park is famous for its street-art, and I have added some of the pictures we took there!
Street-art: A man walking his dog
View from the top of the Naksan Park/Mountain
View from the top of the Naksan Park/Mountain

A pavilion on Mt. Naksan

Street-art: A korean (?) boy playing with toys and an African boy carrying stones. I really like the societal critic in this one..
Street-art: Maya posing in front of an imaginary city
Street-art: Discover your secret angel wings at Naksan.. :p
Street-art: A painting man
Street-art: Thumb's up!

Street-art: Flower stairs
Construction work and street-art

Street-art: 안녕!
Street-art: shhh..
Street-art: A cute frog
Street-art: puppies! <3
Street-art that utilize some electric boxes
Street-art: dog in the window
Street-art: 이제 정말 만나야 할때!

Creative street-art..!
Street-art: A guy painting a rainbow.. Love Maya's expression :p
colorful street-art
Street-art: Mother and child
Street-art: More colors!!
The area of the park is pretty easy to find. It is just a short walk away from the Hyehwa metro, and as the park is relatively famous. Please refer to the map below for further details^^

산2-10 Dongsung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea ‎
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