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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sightseeing in Palau: The Milky Way!

Palau has some amazing natural wonders which definitely require a visit while staying at the island, and many of them are situated around the beautiful Rock Islands. One of the unique places that can be visited on a trip to these islands is known as the Milky Way bay where you literally can bathe in white limestone mud. The white mud is supposed to be good for the skin too, which makes the place even more popular among tourists from both near and far.

The bay area known as the Milky Way
My boyfriend Yuma and I made a reservation for an excursion to the Rock Islands with a tourist agency called Impac, which was offering relatively affordable packages to various sights in the vicinity of the islands. We ended up in a group that consisted of Japanese tourists (probably since Yuma was the one who registered us under his surname), with me being the only non-Japanese.
Anyway, the Milky Way turned out to be a nice (and rather slimy) experience. Yuma volunteered to jump into the sea along with the guide to gather up some of the white mud on the bottom (the water was no more than a couple of meters deep) in a bucket. After the bucket had been filled we gathered around and helped ourselves to some handfuls of the white substance.

 This is the result:

The advantage of being in a Japanese group is that you're almost guaranteed at least one group-picture before the day is over, which is this case turned out to be a rather funny one if I may say so myself. After all our fellow explorers had been covered in the white mud it was time to gather up and make some funny poses; it looks almost like our group picture could have taken straight out of "The Sims".. Haha..

After having jumped out into the warm water and washed off all the mud we continued our day-trip to the Jellyfish Lake.

There are a couple of companies offering trips to Palau's most characteristic sightseeing spots, but Impac was the only one we found that offered a fairly cheap trip including both the Milky Way and the Jellyfish Lake in one go. In addition to the Milky Way and the Jellyfish Lake our trip also included kayaking and snorkling, and the price was USD 100 pr. person (additionally you have to pay a 120 dollar conservation fee to visit the Rock Islands + the Jellyfish Lake).

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