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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sightseeing in Palau: The Jellyfish Lake

The so-called Jellyfish Lake is located on one of the 445 islands that together make up the Rock Islands. What is special about this lake is that it is filled with jellyfish that do not stick when you touch them. The reason for this is that the jellyfish that live in this lake do not have any natural enemies, and over time the jellyfish in this lake have evolved to become less and less toxic.

Pretty jellyfish^^
This lake was one of the places we had decided that we simply had to pay a visit to during our stay in Palau. As I already mentioned in my last blog post, we visited the Jellyfish Lake as part of a trip to Rock Islands. We visited some really unique places on the trip, but this was the part we had looked most forward to in advance.
They're everywhere!
The jellyfish looks almost like a flower
A large number tourists pay the lake a visit throughout the year, and the jellyfish are easily injured by people who aren't careful enough while in the water. We were therefore asked to wear life jackets, and to be extra careful when swimming in the area that had the greatest concentration of jellyfish.

The jellyfish can easily get injured by our fins. Better be careful
Wearing life jackets in water makes us less mobile, but it can decrease the number of injured jellyfish

The jellyfish do not sting notably even when touching their tentacles
Our guide was the only person in our group who swam without a life jacket. He got us some great pictures facing up towards the surface.
Our guide dived down and took a picture of us from below
The color of the jellyfish look different from below..
After the trip to the Jellyfish Lake we also went snorkling in the ocean, but I have decided to omit that part from my blog for now. I'll be back with a couple of posts about our other adventures in Palau, which includes a diving trip and a visit to the Pelileu Island where American and Japanese forces fought in WW2.

The entrance to the Jellyfish Lake
There are a couple of companies offering trips to Palau's most characteristic sightseeing spots, but Impac was the only one we found that offered a fairly cheap trip including both the Milkey Way and the Jellyfish Lake in one go. In addition to the Milky Way and the Jellyfish Lake our trip also included kayaking and snorkeling, and the price was USD 100 pr. person (additionally you have to pay a 120 dollar conservation fee to visit the Rock Islands + the Jellyfish Lake).

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