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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wagashi-class in 弘道館: Tea Ceremony, Kimono & 鍋-Party!

Like I have mentioned in a previous blogpost I'm taking Wagashi (Japanese Confectionery)-classes at Ristumeikan this semester. I have to say though, that we have been doing quite a lot beside making sweets in these classes (we have a lot of theory classes about Japanese culture etc as well), and the class this week was in particularly special. Our wagashi-teacher invited us to the former house of a Confucian scholar called Kien Minagawa (皆川 淇園), which is a house build back in 1806 (in the Edo-period 江戸時代). Here we got to take part in a tea-ceremony, dress up in Kimono and not to mention having a Nabe (hot pot) party together at the end of the day.
The entrance to 弘道館
A picture of the garden
Arriving early we helped chopping the vegetables  we were going to eat later that evening
The Tokonoma (床の間)
After helping with the preparations those of us who arrived early got the chance to wear Japanese Kimono (着物). Though I have been here for nearly a year now this was actually my first time to try one on, so it was quite exiting..
Getting dressed is a lot of work! Luckily we did get help..
Those of us who got the chance to wear Kimono (+ Alex in Samurai outfit..)!
Alex got to dress up like a Samurai.
Me in Kimono
Before entering the room of the tea ceremony we had to wash our hands outside in the garden fountain (つくばい -> 蹲)
Our teacher seems to collect things that has a special background and history. This tea cup was actually used by David Beckham under the World Cup in Berlin 2009.!!!)
Our teacher (to the right) talking about the different tools being used during a tea ceremony
After the tea ceremony was over the room was made into a much less formal party-room instead. The Nabe some of us had helped preparing earlier the day was brought in, and we had a huge nabe-party!
This is probably one of my best school days ever, haha..
Getting ready for a nabe party!
A picture from our table.
At 弘道館 they do have some monthly arrangements where you among others can experience a Japanese tea ceremony yourself. The place is close to the Imperial Palace so it is quite easy to find, and the address is 
Also, feel free to check out their web site (not translated into English yet)
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