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Friday, January 8, 2016

Luxury Resort Life in the Maldives: Chaaya Reef & Ellaidhoo by Cinnamon

Arriving at Ellaidho
After having spent one day sightseeing in Male it was time to experience the real luxury life of a Maldivian resort island. Our choice had fallen upon the four-star resort Ellaidho by Cinnamon situated at the Chaaya Reef, and we were looking forward to trying out one of their eminent Maldivian water bungalows.
We had arranged transport from the airport to the island by speedboat, and the trip took around 90 minutes. For guests staying at the island you have the chance to choose between traveling to the island by speedboat (90 minutes) or sea plane (25 minutes).
The boat trip went fine, but for the trip home we had the chance to take the private sea plane instead. If you can afford it the helicopter is definitely the better alternative because of the long distance to the island and depending on the weather conditions avoid a potentially bumpy boat ride.

We arrived at what for us turned out to be a tropical paradise island, surrounded by blue ocean as far as the eye could see. We received a warm welcome from the hotel’s staff, and after a quick briefing about the island it was time for us to relax and enjoy our holiday.

We spent a fantastic week at Ellaidhoo, and for those who might be on the lookout for a place to spend your Maldives holiday, here is some photos and practical information I have gathered about the resort during our stay:

The island has two restaurants; a big restaurant open for guests staying in the regular rooms including superior rooms called the Madi Restaurant, and a smaller restaurant for the guests staying in one of the water bungalows, the Malamathi Restaurant. Either of the restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style, and you can enjoy a wide selection of delicious dishes in both Western and Asian style. If you go for the All Inclusive option you’ll also have all drinks included in the price. Both restaurants comes with a bar situated at/nearby the restaurant, so you can always choose to have a drink or two by the poolside/sea after your meal.
Bread for breakfast
Staff ready to take your order
Dinner buffet
Above: Madi Restaurant
Above: Malamathi Restaurant
Above: The Tree Bar
It is also possible to have dinner served especially for you and your beloved one at the beach or at one of the other selected dinner tables by the sea. On my birthday we enjoyed a nice beach dinner (picture below)
Beach dinner

Beach Life & Snorkling
The island is surrounded by stone walls that ensures a safe environment for those who want to swim in the ocean but prefer to stay away from the open sea. The type of the beach depends on which side of the island you find yourself at, and if you want to spend time on the sandy beach you’ll find it on the south side of the island close by the diving center.
The water is very clear and clean, and you can spot various fish swimming around in the enclosed area, but it is perfectly fine to go for a swim outside the stone walls if you are careful (the currents can be strong at times, so if you are uncertain you might want to consult with the people at the diving center to find the best time of the day/area to go swimming).
The island has a swimming pool situated by the bungalows for those who want a break from beach activities or prefer to stay out of the ocean all together. The pool is open till 8 pm.

Diving Center
For those who want to go out on diving trips while staying at Ellaidhoo there is a diving center on the island where they can help you get to areas where you can see mantas, turtles and many other exciting and beautiful sea creatures. For the first dive they require you to do a short information session about the diving center and a test dive at the house reef before you can join one of the boat trips (the test dive might be optional if you’re a very experienced diver though).
The spa on the island, Chavana Spa, offers various options if you want to soften up your sore muscles during the stay. How about for instance a traditional Balinese spa treatment? If you're lucky you'll get a promotion coupon when you reach the island (and if you don't, don't forget to ask about possible promotions)

If you want to work out during the stay don’t worry; the island comes with a small gym, and there are also other alternatives like soccer, tennis, table tennis, beach volleyball or badminton if your prefer to stay active during your time here.

Internet Connection
Apparently if you reserve your stay through Agoda you'll get free WiFi included in the price.
For other guests the price to use internet is as follows:
1 day - dollars
2 days - dollars
3 days - dollars
4 days - dollars
5 days - dollars
(※Note that the internet is rather slow)
During our time at the island we stayed at two different types of rooms; one of their Superior Rooms and finally the highlight of the stay; one of their Water Bungalows. I have gathered some pictures from the different room types in the posts linked to above.

Feel free to check out the following blog posts for more information about Ellaidhoo by Cinnamon and the Maldives:

Basic information

Name of Hotel: Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon
Access ① 90 minutes by boat from Male
② 25 minutes by sea plane from Male
Room Types: Beach Bungalow, Superior Room & Water Bungalow

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