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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tokyo: Real Escape Room Asakusa - Escape from The RED ROOM

Escape room games have been gaining popularity in Tokyo during the recent couple of years, and an increasing number of these venues now offer the opportunity to participate in the puzzles using English, making it accessible also to non-Japanese speakers. One of these venues is the Real Escape Room Asakusa, which is conveniently located in Asakusa only a couple of minutes walk away from the famous Sensoji temple. I visited the Real Escape Room Asakusa a little while back with a group of friends, and have written a little bit about my experience below.
*Warning* Some of the images in this post contains potential spoilers for solving the riddle of the Red Room. I have blurred out some of the photos, but if you hover the mouse over these images they will become visible.

We had reserved the experience in advance through the website of SCRAP Corporation, a company that runs 3 different types of escape games in Tokyo. The location of Real Escape Room Asakusa was not hard to find, and it only took us 4 minutes to walk there from the Asakusa train station (you can find a  detailed explanation about how to get there on their home page). Upon arrival we were met by two staff members, who gave us some basic instructions about the Room Escape experience. They also showed us around the building where they had a set of lockers available for us to leave our valuables.
Above is a picture of the two staff members who helped explaining about the Escape Room game. The board to the left in the picture shows the number of groups that have managed to escape the room in the past. As you can see, at the time of our visit only 126 groups had successfully solved the puzzle. 
One of the staff members read us the instructions about the game in English before we entered the Red Room. He also joined us for the 30-minute game and gave us some small hints a couple of times during the game when we got stuck, all in English.

The room we were led into was totally red; there was nothing in there but the red walls and two locked doors. From that point, it was our mission to follow a set of clues in order to discover the way to open the locked doors. I'm not going to go into details about the procedure of the game, but all I can tell you is that you get to use your little grey molecules, to borrow the words of my favorite detective.

*Warning* the below images contains potential spoilers that will become visible if you hover your mouse over them




It turned out to be a complicated puzzle which really was difficult for us to wrap our brains around... But miraculously we somehow still managed to escape, and with only 20 seconds or so left of the original time we dashed out of the room! Apparently the Red Room is one of the hardest room escape games in Tokyo and the staff seemed genuinely surprised that we made it out (not so surprising, as apparently only about 3% of the participants manage to get out of the room within the 30 minutes).! We obviously must have done some really good team work in there!
Great teamwork!
In case you're curious; unfortunately there are no particular prizes for people who manage to escape the room. Still, all participants get a piece of locally produced soap as a souvenir. This might come in handy if you find yourself all sweaty after the 30 minutes are over.

The "Escape from The RED ROOM" costs 2,300 yen per person for 30 minutes, and you'll be able to extend the game for 800 yen / 10 minutes if the time is not sufficient. The max amount of people you can bring is 6, so bring your smartest buddies and go for it.!

The Real Escape Room Asakusa venue also has another game option called the "Escape from
the Haunted Manor". You can check out details about both that, and SCRAP Corporation's "TOKYO METRO The Underground Mysteries" game, on this site.

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