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Monday, July 11, 2011

Nattō 納豆アイス Ice Cream!

For those who aren't familiar with nattō, we are talking Japanese fermented soyabeans.. In Japan it is quite common to eat nattō, specially with rice, but for some reason it seems like nattō scores high on the list of Japanese food foreigners tend to dislike.
I must admit though, that I think nattō actually is very 美味しい! It is cheap, good and nutritious, and though it is a bit sticky I don't understand why people dislike it that bad.
But I guess when it comes to nattō you either love it or hate it.

So, anyway, as you perhaps already knew they tend to make a lot of sweets and stuff with rather strange taste we perhaps wouldn't think of back home. I've already written about the desert pizza at Shakey's, and this is just the tip of the ice berg. The desert pizza was a success, but there are a lot of other Japanese snack that aren't that successful.


So, talking about weird deserts; Today at school I got to try out Kyoto's new specialty: the Nattō ice cream.! In other words, vanilla ice cream with fermented soya beans.. For some reason it just sounds terribly wrong.
But it was actually not that bad. It tasted kind of good actually, in a strange way. Now that I've said that, keep in mind that I actually like normal nattō, so it is far from certain that you'd like the ice cream unless you already like the fermented soya beans. Anyway, it is worth a try! Or..?
fermented soya bean ice crem!
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