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Sunday, July 31, 2011

LA: Adventurers Hotel

Here in Los Angeles I'm staying at a place called Adventurers Hotel. It is centered at Century Blvd not that far from the airport. It is a bit far from everything else though to be honest, but luckily they've got a couple of services that makes staying here a bit easier.
First of all they have a free shuttle bus that takes you to the hotel or back to the airport for free.
When I arrived I asked the lady in the tourist information for help, and she called them for me. After having called for pick-up you have to go out of the main airport building and turn right (if your flight was from abroad) and there will be a place where all the hotels have their shuttle services. Just stand there and wait and they will be there sooner or later (it does take quite some time so just be patient)
The shuttle bus has the hotels logo on the side so it should be easy to spot.
Also, the shuttle bus can drop you off at the metro if you want. The only problem is that the number of shuttle busses are limited, and that they are popular as well. As a result of this you probably have to wait up to half an hour for a shuttle bus if you are unlucky, and you might also end up not getting a seat on the shuttle bus when it finally arrives.
I must say though that all the drives I've had has done a great job, they are so nice and friendly. I do however think that they need more drivers in order to make the system go smoother.
The receptionists are a little bit more stressed out I think, probably because of people who are calling them from the airport who sometimes seem a bit confused about where to go for the shuttle bus to pick them up (I overheard a conversation where the receptionist was talking on the phone, desperately trying to explain to the guest that he/she had to ho outside to the shuttle service area for the bus to pick her/him up)
Still, when I asked about how to take the bus back to the hotel from Hollywood and the receptionist answered me that she didn't know because she had a car (which she said in a way that made it sound like only stupid people would use buses) and that I should ask the bus drivers instead it made me feel like the service wasn't really like it should be (I mean, when you work at a hotel you should be able to tell your guests how they can be able to get back to the place.. If she felt the bus system was lacking she could have given me an alternative.

Besides this, however, I did not have Ny negative experiences. The hotel area is quite big, and they have a pool, a restaurant, bar etc.
And like I mentioned earlier they have a lot of free services that really makes the place good.
You get a free champagne a day (if you are over 21) at the bar, and they serve free dinner and cake at certain hours, free popcorn all day long +++..
Today I was having my free dinner at the restaurant, but still the waitress came and asked me if I wanted a glass of water. So even though you get food for free you still get the service as well. Of course it is not a 5-star meal, but it is free and good (enough).

Ok, I guess that's all I have to say for now! Like I mentioned in my previous post I'm typing on my iPhone, which makes uploding photos and editing what ive written a bit difficult. I will fix this as soon as I have access to a normal (free xP) computer..!
Tomorrow it is time for my next flight! I'll probably spend a couple of hours at Venice beach before going to the airport though. Better get up early tomorrow.. See you later!
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