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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Things you can do with a 1-yen coin

-The coins are made of aluminum, and therefor it is actually possible to use scissors to cut them into pieces.. (but if you are that desperate to get rid of them, you could always put them in a charity collection box or something;)

-The size of it is 20 mm in a diameter, so if you line up 5 of the 1-yen coins then voilà, you have 10 centimeters. Absolutely great for measuring if you don't carry around a tape measure ;p..

I did not have more than 3 coins available when the picture was taken though..

-In addition to this, the one yen coins weight is 1 gram, so if you have enough of them you can use them as weights.

-Aaand, since the 1-yen coin is so light it can actually float on water.  Yay.. :)

Floating 1-yen coins
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