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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Introduction Week at Casa Allianza: Trip to Sorata

This week we are having an introduction week here at Casa Allianca, and on Thursday we went to a little village in Sorata to look at Misjonsalliansens projects here.
Sorata is both the name of a small city, and also a municipality, which is situated west of the lake Titicaka.
We stopped to eat lunch on our way to Sorata, and to take a look at the view.
In Sorata there are a lot of small villages, and the one we went to is on the left in this picture.
Here Misjonsalliansen have been helping to build the infrastructure in the community; they have helped building a school, a basketball court, a health centre ++.

Arriving in Sorata after a nearly 4 hours drive from La Paz
The Missionary Allianze has been an active part in building the infrastructure in this village, such as for instance the health centre.
The road, with the local school to the right
We went to look at their different projects in the village, and the first thing we got to see was a group of ladies taking a course in sewing, where they learned to make their own skirts. They had been practicing for almost a year, and had advanced from tiny children-skirts to bigger skirts for cholita-ladies.
The leader of the course demonstrating the first skirts the ladies at the course learn to make. They were working on this particlar model a year ago.
One of the ladies working. And you can see the curious children in the background; eager to take a look at the strange foreigners I guess.. :p
One of the boys helping his mum with the sewing.
The teacher assisting one of the ladies at the course.
The centre of the village, where the locals are relaxing
A little girl we went by
Walking through the narrow streets of the village.
When Misjonsalliansen first came to this village they helped building some greenhouses so the local ladies could cultivate different kinds of vegetables, and also flowers. During the recent years the locals have copied the building technic, and now nearly every family in the village have their own greenhouse.
We went to look at one of the greenhouses which was buildt by Misjonsalliansen
Some bulbs that are going to be planted soon. And wait a sec.. 50 dollars?! Something for pachamama perhaps..?
The ladies working in the greenhouse
At the end of the day the locals had a short presentation of their dances, and some of them also played instruments.
The locals dancing and playing instruments
This was the last day of the introduction week, and it was a privilegde to get the chance to travel around and look at the work the Mission Allianze has done. We were supposed to hear about and see other projects on Friday as well, but due to a blockade in the hole city we had to cancel it, unfortunately..

Me in front of Illampu
On our way back we had lunch/dinner near the mountain Illampu, which is the forth biggest mountain in Bolivia.

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