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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Soccer in La Paz: Bolivia vs. Peru

On Monday me, Lotte and Kjetil went to see the soccer game Bolivia vs. Peru at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz. This was actually just a practice-match, but still we wanted to check out the Bolivian fotball so it was a good opportunity and even more fun since it involved the neighbour Peru..
We did have one problem before going to the match though; we had ordered a pizza to the casa, but even though they told us that it would take 30 minutes to get it delivered it actually took an hour an we were starting to get a bit stressed when it finally arrived.
Getting to the stadium was also nearly impossible with the normal mini-busses because of all the people, so in the end we ended up taking a taxi. We bought the ticket for 50 Bolivianos, which were the more expenisive ones, but then we did get better view so it was alright..
As always when it comes to matches like that, you can buy different kinds of snack etc before going into the stadium. It was actually not allowed to bring bottles into the arena, but they do sell water, juice etc in some small plastic bags for only 50 cents.
Lotte and Kjetil buying some snack for the game.
Lotte and me, ready to watch the match.
It was also possible to buy some foam seat cushions so that it wouldn't be so cold to sit. These only costed 1 Bol each.
Kjetil, and some people selling strange food and liquid in the background..
Lady selling balloons in the colours of Bolivia
 The match itself was more or less interesting. Though none of the teams actually managed to score there still was a lt of opportunities for both teams, so it wasn't all too bad. Though the Bolivian team had the football most of the time they didn't really come to a lot of good chances, I think the match could have been more entertaining if they had tried to shot at the goal more often.. Anyway, here are some of my pictures from the game:
The two teams getting ready to start the game
Ready, go..

The three of us ready to watch the game. Notice the cholita-lady just above Kjetil.. Something you don't see every day on football-matches, unless you're in Bolivia I guess.. :)
The stadium
..And at the end of the match the viewers started to throw away their foam seat cushions..
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