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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sightseeing in La Paz: Salsa lessons at Hotel Torino

Hotel Torino's entrance sign

During my stay here in La Paz, me and my friends have been taking salsa lessons in the city center more or less every week at the Hotel Torino. Hotel Torino is easy to find, since it is located close to the Plaza Murillo, and here they offer classes in salsa twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at approximately 19:30 to 21:00 (Bolivian time, so it can vary a bit;p). Besides, the classes only costs 15 Bolivianos (or 100 Bolivianos for one month), so it is definately worth the try.!

Also, hotel Torino in itself makes the salsa-classes worth a visit, cause the rooms and architecture of the building is really nice. I was so surprised the first time we went there, cause the lobby looks kind of shabby, and I did not expect the rest of the place to be anything out of the ordinary. But I guess I was wrong..! Hotel Torino was actually founded in 1917, so it is an old and cozy hotel.

From inside Hotel Torino
There is a big courtyard with some statues and a restaurant in the first floor
Some more statues in Hotel Torino
The salsa classes are being held in one big room, and then the dancers are divided into two or three different group depending on the amount of students and their level. So for those who never have danced salsa at all there is a opportunity to learn all the basics from the beginning, as well as an opportunity for those who already has salsa experience to learn even more. There are new students every week, so they always have a course for the beginners where they go through the basics.

The address to Hotel Torino is:
Calle Socabaya No: 457 , La Paz, Bolivia
The entrance to the dancing room
The room where the salsa courses are being held.
Group picture!
We are definately the biggest group of foreigners in the class.. But there are other tourist taking classes here as well.
Time to practice..!

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