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Monday, April 2, 2012

About my Rehabilitation in Kyoto

It has been a month since I broke my shoulder while surfing in Bali, and although my arm is much better it is still a long way to go until I can fully recover from the accident.
After returning to Japan I spent almost two weeks living with Yuma's family in Kobe, and that really helped me a lot. I know it would have been very tough to live by myself during the first weeks after the accident, and I'm very glad and thankful for all the help I received from Yuma and his parents.
We went a couple of times to a local clinic in Kobe where the doctor did some check-ups to make sure that everything was like it should.
After returning to Kyoto I have been going twice a week to a clinic called Naka Orthopaedic Clinic (なか整形外科医院) not too far from my school. Here I'm basically doing easy exercise with my arm, and they have trained staff who helps me increase my mobility. I'm improving a little bit at a time, although I still can't lift my arm 90 degrees it is still getting better day by day. Naturally there are some things that one usually takes for granted, such as styling one's hair or put on nice clothes, that really has turned out to be a challenge for me in these past weeks. I can't even do a ponytail, since I can't reach the back of my head, and I need zippers or buttons to be able to put on a sweater. It's almost a bit comical..
I do also feel that the plate in my shoulder somewhat blocks my movements, although this might be a mental block rather than a physical one.. As soon as the bone in my shoulder has completely healed (which will take between 3-4 months) I hope that I can have another surgery to get the metal plate inside my shoulder removed.
For now all I can do is to let the time do it's job, and keep on doing easy exercises every day. 頑張らないと!
The exercise room in the clinic I go to for rehabilitation. Both pictures in this post are taken from their website
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