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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trying out the Kimono Club @ Ritsumeikan

As I have explained about earlier in one of my post, it is quite typical for Japanese students to join a so-called circle (サークル) or club where they can practice things they like, or have an interest in. I just got myself a kimono a couple of months ago thanks to the Toka-Ebisu festival I participated in, so one of the things I really wanted to try out this semester was a club that could teach me how to actually put the kimono on by myself.
During the orientation week at Ritsumeikan I got the contact information to the leader of the kimono-club (circle), and I contacted her and asked if it was ok if I participated. Luckily it was, and so I dragged along my friend Larissa in the last moment to check it out! Turned out there were quite a lot of students interested in trying out the club, and for our first day we all got the chance to get dressed up by the other girls who already had been members for a semester or more.
Getting ready for kimono! 
Larissa gets help with her kimono
Both of us all dressed up! Yay!

Almost done!
Photo time!
Some of the kimonos you might end up wearing if you join the kimono-club
It was really nice to try out the kimono-club, and the members were friendly too. We did feel welcome, and I would have liked to continuing going to the club if it weren't for my shoulder. I haven't really decided what to do yet, but I do think that I'll have problems putting the kimono on because the movement of my arm still is quite limited x(
Anyway, it seems like a good club! If you become able to put on the kimono by yourself they might even let you lend the kimono some time! Would be nice for instance if you want to walk around in Kyoto in kimono, wear kimono at a hanami or something like that^^..

Some more facts about the kimono-club:
Membership: 6000 yen for a year
Meetings: Every Wednesday
Contact information can be found on Ritsumeikan's home page!
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  1. Thank you for "dragging" me along. It was totally worth it!


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