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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Café Frosch's 3 Year Anniversary Party!

On Saturday it was time for a 3-year anniversary party here in Kyoto at Café Frosh, where I work part time. It was a night that included "Fantastic live performers, delicious food and the unrivalled Café Frosch ambience". In other words, no wondering people were lining up outside the cafe already half an hour before it even started..
Café Frosch!
The Café Frosch logo is so cute:)
3 year anniversary flowers

Kayo-san is fixing the technical details before the party can begin
One of the items on sale for the evening: delicious fruit
..And not to mention the anniversary cake.. Which all of us wanted to eat straight away!
My co-workers doing their best to prepare the food for the evening
Performances in the café

Café Frosch was totally packed with guests!!
We even had a dancing performance!

Alex and My, the MCs for the evening!
Group picture after all the guests (and many of the staff too..) had left. お疲れさん〜!!
The evening turned out to be a great success (as expected;p)! We run out of the most popular beer in a blink of a second, and the food followed soon after as well. Great performances, great food, great guest.. What else can I say.?! I think all of the guest were both full and happy when they left that evening.
Thanks to Kayo-san and Café Frosch for a lovely evening:)! これからも宜しく〜☆

And finally: A video of Fuigodza, one of the bands who performed for us on Saturday:
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  1. Awesome! I really liked the video of the music performance. It was a very nice, traditional irish-style of music, which seems to fit the intimate atmosphere in the café.

    Also, that's a pretty awesome cake! Seems like you guys had a great evening. And wow, that kitchen is tiny... By the way, have you mentioned in the blog before that you're working part time, or is this a pretty recent thing?

  2. They are really good, right:)! They were so popular they even were urged by the audience to to play an extra song at the end.

    Yeah, the cake was awesome:) haha...

    Weeell, I did mention it in this post:
    The thing is, I was supposed to start working there in April but because of what happened to my shoulder I haven't been able to work so far. The only thing I've really done has been to help out at the events.. ><

    1. I see! That's unfortunate... =( I hope that your shoulder is healing up nicely...

      I know I would ask for extra songs as well, had I been in the audience! At one time, I tried to learn how to play the tin whistle, haha!

    2. Yeah, weeell, I'm having a surgery in June/July to have the plate removed.. So it'll still take a little while. But it's a lot better though;)!

      You did?? Wow! I suppose it must be hard to learn.. I don't play any instruments at all, besides the flute in elementary school.. So for me it would be 無理.. Haha...

  3. Haha, looks like Cafe Frosch is full of SKP/Rits students now :) It used to be just me, Akio, and Harrison but it's awesome you guys are helping them out! I wish I could've been there :'(

    1. Café Frosch has almost become the official Ritsumeikan ryugakusei arubaitosaki.. ^^
      I'm not quite sure about our number, but we are definitely a majority in there. Haha:)

      You should come back next year and we could all have a reunion for the 4-year anniversary party v(-_^)!!


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