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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lodging in Kamikōchi - Nishiitoya (西糸屋)

Kamikōchi is a popular tourist destination, both for hikers but also for people who want to chill out and enjoy the sight of the beautiful nature. As a result there are a small number of traditional Japanese guesthouses situated by the river where you can stay the night and enjoy the typical hospitality of the Japanese people.
During our weekend trip to Kamikōchi last weekend my boyfriend and I stayed for one night at a guesthouse called Nishiitoya, a name which litterarily means "south thread house".

The Nishiitoya situated right by the river, and surrounded by mountains.

Our Japanese style bedroom

.. And with a typical tokonoma (床の間) alcove

Both dinner and breakfast was included in the stay, and in the evening we had a delicious washoku (和食) Japanese style dinner.
An overview of the food we has for dinner Yummy!
Like most Japanese guesthouses they also offer free access to their Japanese style bath, where one could sit and enjoy the view towards the mountains. In addition they also had a small sauna.

The changing room

For those who want to spend time reading about things related to hiking and nature they also provide their guest with a common room where a wide range of books can be read.
The common room, which offered a wide selection of books about outdoor activities

Our favorite was still the cafe, where they offered free drinks for staying guests and a nice view of the outside river.

After having hiked the nearby Mt. Chogatake it was refreshing to spend a day relaxing in the beautiful Kamikōchi. I already look forward to the next time my boyfriend gets some days off work. This time we're going to visit my hometown in Bergen, Norway.
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