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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cairns to Kuranda: The Kuranda Scenic Railway

If you are planning to visit the rainforest village Kuranda it might be a good idea to go there using the old Kuranda Railway, now known as the Kuranda Scenic Railway. This railway was built in order to make it easier for gold diggers to transport their gold back to Cairns, a project that was begun in 1882. Due to the lack of technology you can imagine the hardships it took to build the railway, which winds along steep hills and past waterfalls. It was a tough job, and some thirty workers died during the approximately 9-year long construction period due to various reasons such as general working accidents and snakebites.

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Today the railway is used mostly by tourists who want to enjoy the magnificent view from the train. We went there through the company Tropic Wings Coach Tour's ultimate Kuranda experience package. Tropic Wings picked us up outside our hotel in the morning and drove us to the Freshwater Railway Station where our day trip began.

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We had approximately an hour until departure, so we spent the time walking around in the station looking at their souvenirs, drink menu and museum. There is actually a small museum inside the station that displays the history of the railway, which might be of interest. I've only included a picture of their model of the landscape where the train runs though.
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And finally our train arrived:
The train is pretty long, so at certain points we could actually see the front of the train from our window while driving.

It is also possible to walk along the track, and we did see a couple of people along the way to Kuranda.
People taking pictures of a waterfall
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We had one break mid-ways where we could go out of the train and take pictures.

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It was interesting to get to know the history behind the railway, and the view on the way to Kuranda was very nice. If you want to get to Kuranda a bit faster I would recommend using another method to get there though, because the train takes about one hour and 45 minutes one way. But if you want to experience an authentic railway trip like it used to be a hundred years ago the Kuranda Sceneric Railway should be the perfect place to start.

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