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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day Trips from Sydney: The Featherdale Wildlife Park

Entrance to the Featherdale Wildlife Park
As a part of our day trip to the Blue Mountains we also had a short visit to the Featherdale Wildlife Park. This is a place where they give shelter to injured and homeless animals, and they currently take care of more than 2,200 animals from approximately 280 different species. When we arrived we were met by one of the keepers who let us take a look at a baby kangaroo!

Due to the building of new luxury houses in the area a large number of animals have lost their natural habitat. Animals such as koalas are very territorial, and they seek to get back to the places they were moved from. As a result, many of the displaced animals get injured while trying to get back to their former territories. 
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We had the chance to stand in line and take pictures with the koalas. There were three of them "on duty" while we were there, so although there were many people who wanted to get their pictures taken with the koalas we got many opportunities for some shots. The first koala we lined up for was busy eating. He was such a cute little fellow.
Cuuuute koala
But koalas are nocturnal animals, so don't be surprised if they're more busy sleeping..
..and tired koala
In other areas there were animals who could roam around freely, and we encountered both birds, wallabies and kangaroos. You can also choose to buy some snack to feed them if you want.

During the afternoon you can watch as one of the keepers feed the animals, and this is also a great opportunity to learn about the animals or ask questions if you have any. 
We didn't have that much time, but got to watch as one of the keepers fed the penguins and a Tasmanian devil.! I've included the feeding times here for those who might be interested:


All day                
Koala Sanctuary
9am - 10am          
Rapt in reptiles 
10am & 2:30pm        
10:30am & 3:45pm  
Flying Foxes
Tasmanian Devils
 * Crocodile feeding occurs in summer months only

Talking about the penguins

Like their Facebook page
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of one or more of the animals you can choose between their sponsorship packages starting at 50$. Sponsoring an animal in the Featherdale Wildlife Park can also be a great gift idea, and you choose yourself which animal to sponsor.

For more information about Featherdale Wildlife Park, check out their homepage.

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