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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

GW Samba Carnival in Tokyo!

There are a lot of events being held in Japan during the so-called Golden Week, a series of national holidays usually held in the end of April/beginning of May. Yesterday I went to a place in Tokyo called Haginaka (萩中) where a friend of mine was going to participate in a Samba Carnival.
Japanese samba ladies!
This was the third time that the event was held, and it seemed like it was very popular by the locals. Although Haginaka didn't exactly seem like the most lively place in Tokyo the shōtengai was filled with young and old spectators. Here are some of my photos from the event:

Thanks to Yoshimi-san for inviting me to the event!

Yoshimi has asked me to come join their samba classes starting from next week. If all goes well perhaps I'll get the chance to dress up and dance at the carnival next year.. Would be fun to at least give it a try.. ^^
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