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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tokyo Cafés: Rakuten Café in Shibuya

The new Rakuten Café in Shibuya
It’s been about a month since the new Rakuten Café opened in Shibuya, and last week I finally had the chance to go there with some of my dōkis (coworkers) to check it out. The café is situated about 5 minutes away from Shibuya Station right by the Apple-store, so it was pretty easy to find.
Ordering coffee
You can try out Rakuten's Ebook Reader Kobo for free at the café
A description of the doughnut sold at the Rakuten Café
In the Rakuten Café you can find a selection of some of the best selling food products on Rakuten Ichiba, and the both the English and the Japanese menu comes with the typical “long page” format that includes detailed information about the various products. To be honest it looked a bit unfamiliar and strange to see the long page format in the English menu, but in the Japanese menu it looked quite nice.
Blueberry cake and coffee
As we had the day off we spent most of the day talking and hanging out in the café, and even though it was Monday there was a steady number of visitors to the café during the time we spent there. I'm glad we had the chance to go there outside of the weekend, as it certainly must be quite crowded during the weekend..
Enjoying the day at the Rakuten Café
This is actually already my second time writing about the Rakuten Café, as I also wrote a post a couple of days before the café's grand opening. Recently I’ve also written a number of posts about my work at Rakuten. Maybe you have heard about the Japanese word Shokugyōbyō (職業病)? Although the literal translation is Occupational Disease it can also mean to be crazy about your work (only buying things that your company sells, talking about the company all the time etc), so I have been starting to wonder whether I perhaps might have caught a mild Shokugyōbyō myself… Perhaps it's time to start writing a little bit more about things unrelated to my job.

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