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Monday, November 13, 2017

[Hotel Review] Manila: A night at the Hotel H2O Aquarium Hotel

On our way back from holiday in Brunei my darling Yuma and I had a one day layover in the Pilipino capital Manila. With only one night to spare we wanted to make sure we could get a memorable stay, and after having done some research about accommodation I stumbled about Hotel H2O, a hotel that comes fully equipped with its own underwater world in the hotel room.

Above: Entrance to Hotel H2O to the left and to the oceanarium to the right
Above: Entrance to the Manila Ocean Park seen from the lobby in Hotel H2O
The hotel was situated inside an oceanarium called the Manila Ocean Park where a range of fun activities are offered, so for visitors traveling with kids this seems to be a great place to use as a base for all sorts of family fun.
Above: The lobby

The Guest Room

We had booked with one of the hotel's "Aqua Rooms", which are the type of room where you get an wall-to-wall aquarium. We arrived late in the evening, and at this point the lights in the aquarium had already been turned off for the day. A huge mirror behind the bed gave the impression that the room was significantly wider than it actually was, as you can see from the pictures below.
The light in the aquarium comes on at 6:00am, so if you don't want to get woken up early you should probably close the curtains before going to bed. In the morning when we woke up the light in the aquarium was on, and we could see various fish swimming by. 
Here's an overview from the hotel room with the various kinds of fish you can see, as well as the feeding/cleaning schedule for the aquarium.
During the feeding time you can see energetic fish swimming around from one side to the other, and this was without a doubt the most exciting part about staying at this 4-star hotel. I've included a short video below for those interested:

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The bathroom came with a separate toilet and shower, and all necessary basic amenities.

The Restaurant

We hadn't ordered breakfast with our stay, but below are some pictures from the hotel's restaurant Makan Makan.
Above: View of the sea from the Makan Makan restaurant
We only stayed at the hotel one night for our layover in Manila, but if we come back in the future I wouldn't mind staying here again. I think the idea of having an aquarium in the hotel room is pretty interesting, and something that can make each day of the vacation even more memorable especially for those traveling with children. 

What do you think of this hotel? Please let me know in the comment session below.

 ◆Basic Info

  • Hotel Name: Hotel H2O
  • Star Rating: 4 ★★★★
  • Check in: 14:00 / Check out: 12:00

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