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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Papua New Guinea: Diving Report from the Walindi Plantation Resort

You can see various sea creatures lurking around in the waters around Kimbe Bay
Photo: Anette

Papua New Guinea is known for its world-renowned diving spots, and diving was also one of the main activities on the bucket list for things we wanted to do while visiting the country. After arriving in Port Moresby we took the first local airplane to Hoskins Airport in Kimbe where we were met by the Walindi Plantation Resort shuttle bus taking us the 1-hour drive to the resort. We were eager to dive into the pristine Papa New Guinean waters, so for our first day at the resort we signed up for a full day of scuba diving.

Papua New Guinea: Diving Report from the Walindi Plantation Resort

 I got my Open Water divers license on Tioman Island in Malaysia back in 2014, and since then I’ve been diving with my hubby in places like Palau, Okinawa, the Maldives and the Philippines. But jobs in Japan usually don’t allow for too long holidays, so we’ve only had the chance to go diving a couple of times a year (although we have been enjoying other water activities like snorkeling at one of Japan’s best snorkeling spots, Hirizohama), so needless to say I’m very much a novice when it comes to diving.

For our 1-day diving trip at the Walindi Plantation Resort, we were joining a group consisting of both amateurs like ourselves but also experienced divers with more than 100 dives behind them. First, we were split into two groups; one for the divers who wanted to do 3 dives and one for those who were satisfied with 2. We had 5 divers in total going on our boat, and my hubby Yuma and I got our own instructor so that the other three more experienced divers could proceed on their own speed.

AnneSophie’s Reef

The diving spots of the day were called AnneSophie’s Reef, Inglis Shoal, and The Zero. The first diving spot, AnnSophie’s Reef, a reef that is known for the large schools of fish that frequent the area. Although the visibility was slightly lower than we’d expected we did get to see a baby shark and schools of barracuda there. 

Inglis Shoal

The second diving spot, Inglis Shoal, had a lot to offer. It was said to be the home of a very diverse range of sea creatures like gobi shrimp, scorpion fish, nudibranch, garden eels, crabs, and various corals. In addition to the smaller sea critters, we also got lucky and spotted an eagle ray! 

The Zero

At the third diving spot, there was less to see in terms of sea life, but the reason for this choice was a sunken Japanese airplane from WW2, discovered as recently as in 2000 by a local fisherman and uncovered by the team at Walindi. This airplane is thought to have run out of fuel before being able to land on the nearby island, and because it instead landed on the water there was not much damage done to the plain in the process. You can thus enjoy the sight of the nearly perfectly intact plane on the bottom of the muddy bay. Only a few living creatures can be seen on the surrounding muddy ground, but both corrals, anemones, fish, and shrimps have made the airplane their home, making it an interesting site.

After three dives it was time to go back to the resort. There we got news that one of the other boats had seen killer whales that day... A pity that we weren't that lucky, but still a great day for diving.

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- Anette

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