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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Road Guesthouse, Bangkok - Thailand

The place me and Adaora stayed at while in Bangkok, was a small hostel called New Road Guest House situated near the Sky Bar south-west in the city.
The main reason for us to stay there was the prices. We only payed about 7 dollars pr night pr person, and when you are travelling on a low budget that is just perfect. Arriving at the hostel it really looked like a nice place as well.

The entrance to New Road Guesthouse
And the reception
In the morning they hold information meetings here both in English and also Danish. In adition to this you can have them make phone calls for you. This costs 10 bath per minute, unless the phone call is made to a cellphone in which case they charge 20 bath per minute.
Also, they might try to rip you off when it comes to the length of the call, so I suggest you have a timekeeper avable so that you can make sure the call lasted as long as they say.

Another funny thing is that the evening we arrived the guy at the reception wanted 20 bath from us when we asked for a map of Bangkok, but we said no thanks. In the morning at the information meeting the lady who held the meeting gave us the same map for free.. Although it's not much money we are talking about, I still find it kind of strange that the other guy tried to make us pay for one the evening before..

They also have a nice little restaurant with a breakfast-buffet in the morning. This is not included in the price though.

Seperate from the main hotel building they have another building with a bar and a room you can rent for 200 bath (which you get back) where they have a TV and some DVDs you can borrow for a couple of hours (though this room was always taken already when me and Adaora wanted to use it). 
If you want to use the internet they have computers here, and to use the computer they charge 60 bath/hour.
Anyway, the bar area is very cozy, here are some pictures of it:

They also have some books and games to keep you entertained during your stay.
If you go out from the back of the bar they have a small space outside as well.
Not to mention a billiard table!

All in all the hostel is quite alright, specially considering the price. The rooms are, however, not that nice.. There are mold in the walls and the rooms looks like it needs some re-decoration. Still, considering the price for staying here it is not that bad. You are probably not going to spend that much time in your room anyway.
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