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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Shitty Experience at Taipei Modern Toilet Restaurant

Today my travel buddy Adaora and I went on a visit to the restaurant with the flattering name "Modern Toilet". And yes, the name of the restaurant pretty much says it all - Your basically eating in a restaurant which is designed as a bathroom. Not to mention that the dishes looks like they have been taken directly from the toilet.
Modern Toilet is located not that far from the Ximen station, and because of the significant entrance you are not likely to miss it if you happen to pass by.
Purple poop. Oh yeah.
A cute toilet by the entrance.
Even the plates and cups are shaped to look like urinals and toilets.

Not to mention that you might run into celebrities while there! Here is a Japanese TV-teem, which happened to be making a TV-show at the floor we ate our dinner! Haha..
Some Japanese TV stars in action in the restaurant. I know I've seen the guy in green(ish) before but I don't know his name though.. Anyhow, it was fun!
Adaora and her ohh-so delicious toilet hot pot
Some design from the restaurant.
It might look like a bathtub, but it is actually your dining table...
Adaora's delicious hot pot doesn't look that tempting..
And then for the desert ice cream poop. Fortunately it doesn't taste like it looks..!
More design from the restaurant
All the toilets.. I mean seats.. in the restaurant has its own individual design.
And the tables are shaped like bathtubs and sinks.
All in all a really funny experience, probably one of the ones I will remember the most from Taipei. A dinner at this restaurant costs around 250 Taiwanese dollar, and most of the stuff in the menu then included a drink (tea) and desert (ice cream). Absolutely worth a try.!

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Basic information

Restaurant Modern Toilet Restaurant

Address 108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Lane 50, Xining S Rd, 7號
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Homepage http://www.moderntoilet.com.tw/en/about.asp

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  1. LOL, helt sykt hva enkelte folk kan finne på :-p

  2. Jepp, det kan du si..! Haha.. Artig opplevelse var det iallefall;)


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