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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thai Massage Course in Bangkok!

One of the things I really wanted to try out while in Thailand, was a course in thai massage!
After doing some research I discovered that most of the places however only offered 5 days courses, and since we didn't have that many days in Thailand 5 days were not possible for me.
But luckily the owner of Shiva Ashram Hoslistic Health & Thai Massage studio, Tieng, let me take the course over fewer days than normal.

His massage studio is situated really close to the airport, all I had to do was to take the train and get off at the Lat Krabang station, which is the stop next to the airport, and Tieng came and picked me up there.
A picture of the entrance to the massage studio

..And one of the reception.

This is the room used where my massage courses were being held.

But besides this they have some other nicely decorated massage rooms as well. The atmosphere was very relaxing and peacefull.

Not only did I got to learn a lot about Thai massage, but I also recived some myself as well!

Practicing some basic  Thai massage on one of the assistants.

Adaora also recieved some Thai massage.

And after working for many hours I got to try out some stuff that was a little bit advanced as well..!

The last day I got a diploma from my teacher for having finished the massage course!

I can really recommend taking a massage course in Thailand, I think it is an unique experience not only because it is something typical for Thailand, but also because it's something I most likely not would have done back in my own country. To go out of your own country and coming back with new experiences and skills really are some of the best things of travelling, in my opinion.

I also strongly recommend this place, everybody is so nice and friendly, both me and Adaora felt that we were being taken so good care of.! If you are interested in learning Thai massage you can check out their internet page. There you can see the different courses they offer as well as more info about Thai massage and so on.!

Also, the adress of the place is:
459/304 Romklao Rd.,Ladkabang Bangkok Thailand. (3.5 mins. from Suvarnabhumi airport)
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  1. Hi anette thank you for your story. I am in bangkok at the moment and i would like to follow a thai massage course as well. It looks like you had a lot of fun at ur course. I tried to open the website of the school but it doesnt work, maybe you can help me with a contact or email adress from your teacher?
    Looking forward to hear from you. Regards Samir Ayeb

  2. Hi Samir! Thanks a lot for your feedback, I didn't realize the link didn't work anymore.. I've searched it up, and it seems their new website is ! My teacher's name is Tieng, he's the head of the school so if you go through with the course I'm sure you'll meet him.! Good luck;)

  3. Hi Anette, i wanna long diploma course like 3 years and they will teach me all body massage . is that possible ? if that possible how can i get visa for Thailand ,can they help me ? :)
    waiting for ur reply ....
    Romeo Rozario

    1. Hi Romeo! I've contacted my teacher for information, I'll let you know when he replays;)

    2. Hi again Romeo! Sorry for replaying so late, I think his old facebook might not be in use anymore.. Maybe you could try mailing him on

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