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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sightseeing in Bangkok: Chao Phraya and must-see temples by the riverside

The river Chao Phraya goes straight through the western part of Bangkok, and from there it is easy to travel by boat to major tourist attractions for only a few Bath. This picture is taken at a small harbor close to our hotel, and shows the view towards the southern part of the city.
There are a couple of different boats you can take to get to the area with all the temples. Some are really cheap, but they also have a little bit more expensive tourist boat where a lady talks about buildings and attractions the boat passes by on the way (she even started singing on our trip..!).
From the boat we had a good view to some of Bangkok's most famous tourist spots, here represented by the temple of the Dawn; Wat Arun.

After getting of the boat we went toWat Phra Khaew which is said to be the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand.

There are a lot to see inside the temple area, and both the architecture, statues and paintings are really nice.

The details in the temple are also beautiful..!

The only thing I can complain about was that we unfortunately did not have much luck with the weather.. And neither had we brought umbrellas with us on this particular day, so the sightseeing was not as fun as we would have hoped. I am pretty certain we would have spent much more time there if it wasn't raining that much..

Some interesting statues..!

And a little close-up of one of the painted walls.

After seeing the Wat Phra Khaer temple we went next door to the palace. When you pay to see Wat Phra Khaer you actually have to pay for the entrance to the palace area as well, so even though it wasn't all too interesting we stopped by the place for a quick view.

... And since I did order a dress a couple of days ago we dropped by the tailor as well to try it on and to check if there was any necessary adjustments to be made.

The dress was a little bit to big, so one of the ladies had to help adjusting the size.

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  1. oo :) du må poste et bilde av kjolen når den er ferdig :D koster det mye å få lagd?

  2. Ja, det skal jeg få gjort;)! ligger fremdeles ganske på etterskudd med bloggpostene så regner med det vil ta litt tid før jeg kommer så langt.
    Det koster en del å få sydd kjole, betalte litt over 1000 kr, men den er jo formsydd og kvaliteten på stoffet er veldig god, så sånn sett var det vel verdt det:p tør ikke tenke på hva den samme kjolen ville kostet om den var sydd i Norge for å si det sånn, haha:)


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