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Monday, April 7, 2014

How to catch cockroaches easily with the Gokiburi Hoi-hoi!

There is one particularly creepy creature you unfortunately are likely to run into during your stay in Japan, and that is the infamous cockroach. They have showed up a couple of times in my apartment too, under the TV-stand and even in the bathtub.. 

They are not that easy to get rid of unless you take some precautions to get rid of them. But as always, Japan has the tool to save your day: The Gokiburi Hoi-hoi!
The Gokiburi Hoi-hoi is here to save the day!
Gokiburi Hoi-hoi literarily means "Cockroach Shoo!" (although if you say it out load it somehow sounds more like you're calling them over). Especially considering the cute design of the cockroach trap, which looks like a nice little house for the roach and his friends.
The cockroach trap is way too cute..
Inside the little house you put a small bag with some food bait that apparently smells really good for the cockroach, and then you just leave it under some furniture that seems attractive to the little vermin. There is some sticky stuff inside the house that leaves the cockroach unable to move once it has stepped on it, so all you have to do is to leave the house alone and the cockroaches will do the hard work of catching themselves. Yay.
Welcome home dear cockroach! Now it's time to die.
..Which also means that you don't have to actually kill them yourself either. You just throw the house in the garbage once you're satisfied with your catch. Hoi-hoi cockroach! ^^

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