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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cherry Blossoms and Jogging in Tokyo: The Imperial Palace (皇居)

If you want to go running during the daytime the area around the Imperial Palace might be a good choice though. The distance around the palace is around 5 km, and there are a lot to see along the way. The area around the palace is a great place to go jogging around April, as the Cherry Blossoms (known in Japanese as sakura) are blooming in this season.

Although Tokyo is a giant and (if I may say so,) slightly overcrowded city there are some green lungs in the city center where you can get a little bit closer to the nature. Tokyo does for instance have some really pretty parks such as Ueno Kōen and Yoyogi Kōen. These are especially popular around April, when people come to enjoy hanami (cherry blossom viewing) with family and friends. If you want to go jogging then these places can also be good options, or at least during the evening when it is not that crowded.
There are always a lot of people jogging around the Imperial Palace, so if you just want to take a stroll you should make sure you're not in their way. Sometimes they even have running events here, and you can for instance pass by the palace as part of the Tokyo Marathon.
Statue of Wake no Kiyomaro outside the Imperial Palace
Flowers and bamboo leaves

For those interested in visiting the Imperial Palace whether it is to go jogging or just to enjoy the sight of the historical buildings in the area you can easily find it by taking the metro to Tokyo Station. I've included a map for reference below:

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