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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Paragliding in Japan: Panorama View of Mt. Fuji with Sky Asagiri (スカイ朝霧)

Paragliding & Mt. Fuji. From Sky Asagiri's homepage
For many people, Mt. Fuji, or Fujisan (富士山) in Japanese, is one of the primary symbols of Japan. People have come from near and far to climb the sacred Mt. Fuji almost from the beginning of time, and after it became recognized as a World Heritage site in 2013 the number of visiting tourists have skyrocketed. If you find yourself in the area and are looking for a unique way to enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji (and you're more of the daring type) you might want to consider to go paragliding with the beautiful volcano in the backdrop.
The Sky Asagiri building
Recently I and some friends decided to try out paragliding for the first time, and what could be better than combining paragliding with the view of Mt. Fuji! We had found a place called Sky Asagiri and were hyped to try out their Challenge Course.
Inside the office of Sky Asagiri
How to get there:
Sky Asagiri is situated in the Shizuoka prefecture. It is not easy to get there unless you have a car, and in our case, we had rented a car and driven from Tokyo, a trip that takes about two and a half hours. Apparently, it is also possible, although slightly inconvenient, to take the train to Fujinomiya Station (富士宮駅) and then a bus from the station heading for the following route: 新富士~富士宮~河口湖. The bus trip takes about 40 minutes and bus stop you should get off at is called Asagiri Kougen (朝霧高原). You can find the bus timetable here.
An information session about the paragliding
After we arrived at Sky Asagiri we got a short information session about the procedures for the paragliding. Once the procedures were over we drove a short distance to the bottom of Mt. Asagiri where we were picked up by the paragliding instructors who took us along in their shuttle bus to the top of Mt. Asagiri.
Ready to leave for Mt. Asagiri
At Mt. Asagiri the paragliding instructors helped us getting the equipment ready. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy so we could only see a small part of the top of Mt. Fuji.
Last group photo before the flight. You can barely see the top of Mt. Fuji in the background
Since none of us had experience with paragliding from before we got to jump in tandem with the instructors. When it was time to fly we ran with our instructor toward the edge of the small runway and jumped off the cliff. As you can see from the pictures below the view was stunning!

The flight took about 10 minutes in total and had a total descent of" approximately 300 meters. Although it was unfortunate that we couldn't see Mt. Fuji clearly it was an awesome experience in itself, and we all agreed that it would be cool to try out paragliding again in the future. Apparently autumn is the best season for seeing Mt. Fuji clearly, so we might just do another trip around the kouyou (red leaf) season.

Basic Info
  • ・Name of Company: SkyAsagiri (スカイ朝霧)
  • ・Address:499 Fumoto, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 418-0109
    ・Phone: 0544-52-0304
  • ・Business Days: Closed Thursdays but open during public holidays.
  • ・Price: 6000 yen to 12,000 yen depending on the course.
  • ・Official Home Page:

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