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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

[Hotel Review] A Night at the Majestic Hotel Okura Tokyo

It has already been 7 years since I first moved to Japan as an exchange student, and my darling and I had decided to celebrate the event with a little dose of luxury in between our busy daily life. With its long history as one of Tokyo's greatest hotels it was clear that there was no better way to celebrate the occasion than with a night at Hotel Okura Tokyo.

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Hotel Introduction

The Main Wing of Hotel Okura opened up to the public in May 1962 and the South Wing followed in 1973. Throughout the years the hotel has hosted a range of international summits and other prestigious events, and has with its elegant modernist style been praised as one of Tokyo’s Three Great Hotels (御三家 gosanke). Unfortunately the Main Wing was demolished in 2015 in order to make way for a new Hotel Okura prepared to welcome foreigners to the 2020 Olympics, but the Southern Wing of hotel Okura still welcomes guests in its original magnificence.

The Guest Room

For this visit we stayed at one of the hotel’s Junior Suites. This 66m2 large room comes with an adjoined bedroom and living room, so it felt like staying in a larger Tokyo apartment. The living room was fully equipped with a comfortable sofa and a writing desk, and could thus serve as a nice home office for us during the stay. Whether traveling for leisure or business it sure is nice to be able to have a living room separate from the bed.

Living Room

Above: Living room comes equipped with a desk for those who want to get some work done during the stay

Above: Elegant living room with a comfortable sofa

Above: The view towards the bedroom from the living room 

Above: View


Our bedroom came with a large and comfortable 200cm wide double bed. On the bed there were also yukata (Japanese bathrobes) prepared for us that we could use as pajamas during the stay.

Above: Spacious bed with Japanese yukata robe that guests can use as a pajama.

The cranes and the turtles are said to bring fortune in Japan, and for those who are into details I can also mention that all staying guests get a folded origami paper crane and turtle that is placed neatly on the bed along with a welcome card. Not a big gesture perhaps, but definitely a gracious twist that made us feel extra welcomed.


The bathroom comes with a separate shower and bathtub, something you only find at high-end hotels in this space-deprived capital. The towels in the bathroom had Hotel Okura's logo on them and I almost wised I could take the towels with me home.. Haha..

Above: Spacious bathroom with separate bathtub and shower

Above: The bathtub


The room comes with the following features:

Furnishings and Fixtures

  • ・Bathroom amenities
  • ・Hair Dryer
  • ・Scale
  • ・Bathrobe & Yukata
  • ・Modular data jack ◎
  • ・Wi-Fi internet access
  • ・High-speed internet access
  • ・CS・BS/Video On Demand System ◎
  • ・AM/FM/BGM radio
  • ・In-room safe
  • ・Mini-bar ◎
  • ・Refrigerator ◎
  • ・Hot pot
  • ・Coffeemaker
  • ・English tea and Japanese tea

Above: Refrigerator (left) with beverages (rigth)

Above: Waterboiler (left) / Various teas & coffees (right)

Above: Complimentary Nescafe (left) / Various alcoholic beverages (right)

Above: A small walk-in closet where you can store your luggage (left) / Newspaper outside the door in the morning (right)
Another awesome detail was that the room came equipped with a smart phone that guests are allowed to use for free during their stay. The phone is equipped with free access to WiFi, truly a lifesaver when one wants to explore the city (trust me, even with business level Japanese I’ve been lost more than once in this city and would probably never get around anywhere without Google Maps available at any time).

Breakfast was included in our stay, and in the morning we headed down to the Dining Cafe Camellia to enjoy their buffet. This dining cafe was originally located in the Main Building and opened its doors there already in 1962.

Above: The dining hall

Above: Buffet decor

Above: The kitchen could be seen from the buffet

Above: A variety of cereal

Above: A variety of fruits

Above: Japanese style breakfast alternative

Above: Going healthy with a lot of greens this day!
Guests who have breakfast included in their stay can also choose to go to one of the hotel's other restaurants. The Japanese cuisine restaurant Yamazato specializes in bringing “Authentic Japanese cuisine for international guests” so if you want to have a traditional Japanese breakfast this might be a good alternative for you.

After a most comfortable stay it was time to check out and get back to our daily life. We had a great time at Hotel Okura and would definitely recommend the hotel to anyone longing for a dose of luxury while staying in Tokyo.

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed the post! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment section below.

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Basic Info

Name of Hotel:Hotel Okura Tokyo
Star Rating:5 ★★★★★
Location10 min walk from Roppongiichome Station
10 min walk from Toranomon Station
10 min walk from Kamiyacho Station
Check in:Check In From 2PM
Check Out Until 12AM

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