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Sunday, March 5, 2017

[Hostel Review] Tokyo's First Owl Hotel - Meeting Hachi the Owl at WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO

These days there are a variety of accommodations opening up in Tokyo that have very specific points of focus. One of these unique hostels is Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo, where - like you might have guessed - you can actually meet an owl. Hachi the owl is waiting for you in the reception, ready to welcome you along with the rest of the staff. I've visited the hostel a couple of times, and had the pleasure of experiencing the atmosphere there first-hand.

Update: Wise Owl Hostels just opened up their second hostel in the Shibuya area. You can check out their availability here.

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The hostel is conveniently located only two minutes walk from Hachobori station (八丁堀), two stops from Tokyo Station on the Ginza line. You can also walk to Ginza from the hostel in just 15 minutes. On the first floor of the hostel, there is a little cafe where you can hang out and meet new friends both from the neighborhood and from all around the world.

Guest Rooms
Wise Owl Hostel has 3 different types of dormitories; a 14 bed Mixed Dormitory Room, a 10 bed Female Dormitory Room and a 8 bed Female Dormitory. The beds are of capsule style, and each guest has his/her own little space with a curtain you can pull down to ensure you get the privacy you want. 
Your capsule comes equipped with consents to charge your gadgets, so with the free WiFi readily available you can do your travel research while relaxing in bed.

In addition to the shared dormitories, the hostel also has a couple of private rooms for those who prefer to have a little bit more personal space that the dormitories offer.

And when it comes to ensuring there is enough physical space there is also a bench in the common area where you can store your suitcase or other luggage you don't need to have with you.

As for bathrooms, there's a couple of shared bathroom that come with shower rooms.

The hostel has a number of smart solutions to make the stay as convenient as possible. In the dormitories, there are for instance a lamp above the door that turns on when all the showers are occupied. In that way, you don't have to constantly go and check when you are waiting for a vacant shower room.
A lamp in the dormitory room that turns on when all the showers are occupied

The VIP Room

Did you know: the hostel actually has a secret 83 sq.m private Luxury 2-Bedroom Apartment on the upper floor! This room takes up to 4 guests and has 2 semi-double beds and a king bed. The entrance to this room can be found almost hidden behind the common lounge by the washing machines, and is the perfect place to stay if you want to have access to the hostel’s cool facilities but prefer a more private and luxurious accommodation that their regular bunk beds. This room can also be used for smaller events, such as a gathering with friends.
This room is available exclusively through Agoda, and you can find it through the following link.

The Hostel Bar: Howl
One of the best things about the hostel is that it even has its own bar and club in the basement where you can hang out and even dance. Throughout the year the hostel hosts a number of events, and if you're a traveling artist you might even have the chance to do some collaboration with them. I went to their Halloween party last autumn and we had great fun!

Below: Dressed up in Halloween costume at the Howl bar.


At the first floor of the hostel, there is a Japanese restaurant where you can try oden - various ingredients such as eggs, daikon, chikuwa and potatoes in a soy-flavored dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp). This might be a good option if you're looking for a modern and fancy Japanese dining experience.

To sum up, here are some bullet points about the hostel:
  • Brand new and clean hostel where you can experience a mixture of modern and traditional Japan through both their design and cuisine.
  • The hostel has a clear and unique theme you cannot find anywhere else, so if you want to meet an owl while in Tokyo without having to line up for those crowded owl cafes you can greet Hachi the owl in the reception instead.
  • A number of smart solutions make the hostel a compact but convenient place to stay, and thanks to the bed layout you'll have a certain amount of privacy even in the bigger dormitories.
  • A secret VIP room on the top floor if you're interested in holding private events or staying at the hostel with a little bit more space and privacy.
  • Only two minutes from Tokyo station by metro, and you can walk to Ginza in just 15 minutes.

Basic Info

Star Rating: 2 ★★
Location In Hachobori (八丁堀), 2 minutes by metro from Tokyo station
Check-in: Check In From 3PM
Check Out Until 10AM

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- Anette

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