[Hotel Review] The Next Step to Explore Asakusa - Hotel Amanek Asakusa Azumabashi (ホテル アマネク 浅草吾妻橋) - Vikingess Voyages

Monday, April 16, 2018

[Hotel Review] The Next Step to Explore Asakusa - Hotel Amanek Asakusa Azumabashi (ホテル アマネク 浅草吾妻橋)

Above: Tokyo Sky Tree as seen from the hotel bedroom
Spring is the season for new beginnings, from everything to new fiscal years to the start of new semesters. It is also a season for newly opening hotels, and last week I went to check out a new hotel called Amanek that is scheduled to open its doors to tourists from April 18th 2018.

Amanek is a hotel that has a name inspired by English words, with Ama coming from "amazing" and nek as is "next". With only 7 minutes from Asakusa station, this hotel aims to be a stylish base for travelers looking to explore this part of Tokyo.

The Guest Room

Hotel Amanek is situated in a 7-floor building, and if you're lucky you'll be able to enjoy the sight of the magnificent Tokyo Sky Tree right from your hotel bed. This 3-star business hotel focuses on providing comfort and convenience at a reasonable price, so if you're looking for a little piece of luxury for less money this might be a good option for you.
Above: Economy room with twin beds
Above: The room equipped with an air humidifier to the left
Above: Space underneath the bed to store your luggage
The size of the room was around 13 m² so there was not much floor space, but in order to maximize the space in the room, the bed had been "lifted" as to create a room to store your luggage underneath the bed.

Above: Bed and Tokyo Sky Tree

Above: Bed, me and Tokyo Sky Tree

Above: (Left) Room slippers, and (Right) pajamas and hair dryer

Above: (Left) Air freshener, and (Right) a computer tablet that guests can use for free during the stay

Above: (Left) tea, and (Right) refrigerator

The bathroom came equipped with a so-called unit bath that included a toilet, bathtub, shower and various amenities.

Above: (Left) Toothbrush, razor & cotton set, and (Right) shampoo, conditioner & body soap

Above: (Left) A wire above the bathtub that can be pulled out to dry clothes on, and (Right) washlet buttons

Guests ordering the hotel's breakfast (650 yen) get a ready-to-go package that can be enjoyed either in the hotel room or brought along to eat elsewhere. You can choose between a couple of options for sandwiches and type of drink.

Above: breakfast package with sandwich, yogurt and apple juice

What to Do

Above: View from the hotel's staircase
The hotel is within 10 min walk from Asakusa, where you can, for instance, rent a kimono/yukata and stroll around the traditional temples or play a room escape game. Asakusa is also a lively area with various options available for people who want to try out the Tokyo nightlife as well.
Above: A traditional building next to the hotel with the Sky Tree in the background

That's all for now! Hope you liked this post.
What do you think of this hotel? Please let me know in the comment session below.

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