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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Study in South Korea: Free Master Degree Program at Kyung Hee

11:21:00 PM
For those of you interested in a free master degree program in South Korea conducted in English, Kyung Hee currently accept applications for the spring semester (Deadline 31st of October...)!

Kyung Hee offers master degree programs in:
- Peace and Global Governance
- Asia Pacific Studies
- New Politics and Future Governance

For more information, check their home page

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boston Career Forum 2012!

4:37:00 PM
This weekend I traveled all the way to Boston to participate in the Boston Career Forum, a forum mainly for companies searching for possible employees who are at least fluent in both English and Japanese. My reason for participating was that I want to work in Tokyo after I graduate, and since I live in Korea at the moment it is not possible to follow the normal Japanese shushoku katsudou (就職活動  -> job-hunting) system.
The logo of the CF Boston Career Forum
In Japan it is quite common that one applies to a large number of companies, many of which not necessarily have any relation at all with what you studied in university. Getting a job requires around 4 rounds of interviews, which means that the students have to do quite a lot of travelling in order to go through with their interviews.
Some of the interview booths at the career forum
Disco International, the company behind the career forum in Boston, thus has a vision to make the job hunting process easier for the students, and give them the opportunity to spend less time to get a job than they do in the traditional Japanese system. Many of the companies at the career forum offer the opportunity to have 2-3 interviews during the 3 days of the forum, and although most of the companies require further interviews after the forum is over there are also some companies that even hire you at the spot.

Through the Internet page of the career forum you can prepare for the event in advance through extensive information about the different companies, and their requirements for the students. Most of the companies offer the opportunity to send in your resume along with a general application for the company in advance, and the companies will then regard you for interviews at the forum. Personally I had Skype interviews with some of the companies before the actual career forum as well, so the procedures really depend on the different companies.
At the career forum itself you have the opportunity not only to have pre-scheduled interviews, but also participate in information sessions about the different companies (so-called setsumeikai - 説明会). Additionally some of the companies offer walk-ins based on your resume, which you can turn in while you are there.
Probably the most popular setsumeikai of the event was that of the gaming company Square Enix.

There is usually more than enough time to sit down
and read about the companies between the interviews.
In general most of the students seemed to have quite a lot of time between their interviews. I was one of them, and I spent a lot of my time just by sitting down and preparing for interviews. Although I haven't gotten any concrete job interviews yet there are still a couple of companies that are considering me for further interviews, so right now I'm just waiting for what hopefully will be some positive answers. Anyway, it was an interesting experience (but a very tiring one considering all the hours spent travelling), and I'm really happy for the opportunities this event has given me to actually meet representatives from a lot of interesting companies. 万が一, if I don't end up with any job offers after all I suppose I'll have to attend Disco's next career forum in June as well. But at least this one will be in Tokyo, so I don't have to travel that far x).

Boston Convention & Exhibition Centre, where the career forum took place.
Unfortunately I did not get to see much of Boston beside my hostel and the conference hall

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Incheon Airport

6:10:00 PM
Right now I'm in Seoul's Incheon Airport, ready for a weekend in Tokyo. And I just wanted to share this picture of a group of Koreans at the airport wearing traditional Korean clothes. Oh yeah;)

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