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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Takamiya Ryokan Miyamaso - A 300-year old Zao Onsen ryokan with a miraculous spring 霊泉を守り続ける老舗旅館「深山荘高見屋」

8:54:00 PM

【Location: Yamagata Prefecture - Zao Onsen 場所:山形県蔵王温泉】

 Takamiya Ryokan Miyamaso was founded in 1716, and the main building is an elegant wooden Japanese-style structure of 3 floors and with more than 100 years of age.

 You can enjoy not only the quaint old-fashioned atmosphere at the ryokan but also the delicious cuisine and the soothing hot springs in the building. The hot water flows from the hot springs into the bathtub using the natural differences in height. It has a cloudy white color and a strong sulfur smell.

Zao Onsen is said to have been founded 1900 years ago, and most of Zao's hot springs are strong acid sulfur hot springs. Strong acid sulfur hot springs have a softening and a detoxifying effect on the keratin. It is believed to be good for skin diseases, and that it can not only heal cuts but also improve frail health.

Extra: The Warabi no Sato Museum
This museum is a part of the Takamiya ryokan group, and they even have their own museum where artifacts from the inn are on display. It is a museum where even the buildings are worth looking at. The entire buildings have been relocated from inside and outside Miyagi prefecture.
童の里 美術館
他の美術館と異なる点は建物もご覧いただきたい美術館です 県内外から建物全部を移築してきたものであり、展示品は深山荘高見屋が昔お客さまに使っていたものです。

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