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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Visit to a Luxury Outdoor Pool in Tokyo: The Hotel New Otani Garden Pool

11:26:00 PM

For those who find themselves in Tokyo during the blazing hot summer season one upscale alternative to the major nightlife districts might just be a visit to the pool. The largest outdoor pool Tokyo has to offer, Hotel New Otani's Garden Pool, is just like a tropical oasis where you can forget that you're in the middle of the bustling Tokyo.

Friday, July 14, 2017

[Hotel Review] Kanazawa - The Ryokan with a Noh Stage - Hotel Motoyu Ishiya

11:35:00 PM

Have you ever dreamt of spending the night at a traditional Japanese ryokan hotel? For foreigners visiting Japan a stay at a ryokan can provide the ultimate Japanese experience, and is guaranteed to leave a lasting memory of the trip. The ryokan has a particular place in Japanese culture, and you can find everything from recently opened ones to ryokans that go back hundreds of years. During my recent trip to Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture we spent a night at a ryokan that can boost of a 200-year history and that even have its own Noh (traditional Japanese theatre) stage. Moto Ishiya is well known for its charm, and even received special recognition in the 2017 award "100 Japanese hotels & ryokan chosen by professionals" (プロが選ぶ日本のホテル・旅館100選) under the category "Small Japanese hotels" (日本の小宿).  

Friday, July 7, 2017

Sightseeing in Kanazawa with kimono rental in Omicho Market and Higashi Chaya

11:11:00 PM
Kanazawa is a city in Ishikawa prefecture known for its rich Japanese culture. Some people refer to the city as “little Kyoto”, and both the architecture and atmosphere of the city can remind visitors of the former Japanese capital. You can find many well preserved old districts within the city, making Kanazawa an ideal destination as a less tourist-filled alternative to Kyoto.
One way to get in the right mood while walking in the old streets of Kanazawa is to rent a kimono for the day. There are a couple of companies offering kimono rental in Kanazawa, but we had chosen to reserve with Kimono Rental Wargo, a Kyoto-based company I've previously used for sightseeing in Asakusa. The reservation was made in advance online, so it was easy to ensure that we got our preferred time.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sightseeing in Kanazawa: A Noh Experience at the Kanazawa Noh Museum - 金沢能楽美術館

11:55:00 PM

Kanazawa is a city in Ishikawa prefecture known for its rich Japanese culture, including the traditional theatre called Noh. Apparently Noh was so popular among the people in Kanazawa that it was said that in “Noh chants fall from the heavens”, as Noh songs could be heard everywhere around the city. Usually watching a Noh performance can cost ten thousands of yen, but in July the city offers visitors the opportunity to see Noh plays for only 1,000 yen/person. We visited in June so it was unfortunately too early to see the plays unfold, but we greatly enjoyed visiting the Kanazawa Noh Museum to learn more about the ancient theatre.

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