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Sunday, June 28, 2015

NHK on Norwegian Slow TV/NHK放送:ノルウェーのスローテレビ

9:06:00 PM
A couple of weeks ago NHK featured a show about Norwegian "Slow TV", a phenomena that recently has become very popular in Norway and also made some headlines in other countries.
In order to get some footage for the show NHK's reporter actually visited the Norway-Japan Society's dinner event suiyokai in Ebisu earlier this year, and did interviews with some of our members. Although I haven't got footage of the whole show you can see the interview part below.


A simple translation of the interview:

Interviewer: Have you ever watched "Slow TV"?
Lars: Yes. I watched the program with the cruise boat for about 8 hours.
Interviewer: Why would you watch for as many as 8 hours!?
Lars: Because it is interesting! And the scenery is beautiful, isn't it? Isn't it?!

Anette: The program showing burning logs is also popular. These days the number of people who live in apartments rather than houses is increasing, and with apartments you won't always have space for a fireplace. Instead people can enjoy the atmosphere of the fireplace through watching their TV.

Ingrid: The truth is you don't really mean to watch that much of it, but then you somehow end up seeing the whole show! Since they're not doing anything in particular it is so realistic, it's like watching the real thing. That's what's so appealing about it.

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