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Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Guide To PNG's Sacred Baining Fire Dance - Rabaul

10:59:00 PM

The sacred Fire Dance of the Baining tribe - the first settlers on the Gazelle Peninsula
Photo: Anette

Papua New Guinea is a country that consists of thousands of smaller tribes, all with their own unique culture and often even language. If you visit the country a stop by one of their local festivals where you can see some of these tribes by yourself can provide a unique cultural experience and an excellent memory from your trip. During our visit to PNG my hubby and I traveled by local plane from Port Moresby to Kokopo to experience the National Mask Festival, and one of the biggest highlights of the festival for me was the trip into the jungle to see the sacred Baining Firedance.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

PNG: All You Need To Know About the Tavurvur Volcano Hike

7:36:00 PM
Tavurvur (the black peak in the middle) and volcanic orange sand
Photo: Anette

Tavurvur is often referred to as one of Papua New Guinea (PNG)'s most dangerous volcanos. The nearby city Rabaul, once known as the 'jewel of the Pacific', used to be the provincial capital of the East Britain island until an eruption from the volcano destroyed big parts of the city in 1994. Although its last eruption occurred as recent as in 2014, the volcano has become a popular place to visit for tourists to the area, and when we visited the island for the National Mask Festival it was a natural destination for a day trip from our base in Kokopo.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

5 Tips for Flying Domestically in Papua New Guinea

6:28:00 PM
You can wait for your flight in exotic surroundings at the airport in Port Moresby Photo: Anette

During my recent visit to  Papua New Guinea we had to take domestic flights a couple of times; from Port Moresby to visit the Walindi Plantation Resort in Kimbe and the mask festival in Rabaul. Although our trips mostly went without further problems I made a couple of observations along the way, and as some of them might be of interest I’m sharing some of them here.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Papua New Guinea: Homestay at Fisherman’s Island

11:53:00 AM

A laidback day on Fisherman's IslandPhoto: Anette

Most visitors to Papua New Guinea enter the country through Port Moresby, a sleepy capital that often is described as one of the most dangerous capitals in the world. Although this might frighten some people from paying PNG a visit there are perfectly safe places in the vicinity of the capital where you can experience the hospitality of the Islanders. Just half an hour by boat from Port Moresby lies Fisherman’s Island, a peaceful community with a population of around 1,000 people. During our recent Papua New Guinea adventure we visited the island for a 2-day homestay with Joel and his family.
The start of our journey: Port Moresby's harbor

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