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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last days in Jordan! The Death Sea & A Day Trip to Israel

At the boarder to Israel
On Friday (17.09) we had the chance to do whatever we wanted, and after breakfast 6 of us decided we wanted to take a short trip to Israel since the border is pretty close to Aqaba.
So we left by taxi and some minutes later we arrived at the border. Here we first had to pay some departure fees before being able to leave Jordan.
But when arriving in Israel things got a bit worse.

First one of the guards took my passport and started interrogating me about my relations to the other people in our group. He wanted to know how long we had known each other and what our purpose in Israel was.
But finally after some more questions and anxious waiting we could go through the security control.
We thought it had been a funny experience and looked forward to get a glance at the city of Eilat in a couple of hours before returning to Jordan.
But when we came to the place where they gives out the entry permission we faced another problem: In a couple of minutes they were going to close down the Israeli
border due to the celebration Yom Kippur and the border wouldn´t be opened again until Sunday.
So that was the end of our pretty short Israel-ad
venture, haha..
The rest of the day was spent on the beach and on a local market.

Today it´s Saturday (18.09) and the last ordinary
day of our tour.
After an early breakfast we went straight by bus to the Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea hotel which you might already have guessed is situated by the Dead Sea.
And after lunch we went to have a bath in the salty water. But there was a jar containing heathy Dead Sea-mud on the beach which we of course had to try out. I guess we looked pretty funny covered in the black mud..
But it is supposed to be very good for our skin so why not. Haha..
Bathing in the Dead Sea was an experience! I must say I felt like a balloon, floating around in the surface of the water.
Swimming was pretty strange too of course, it didn´t feel like one could move around as easily as in normal water. Still, it was a bit more relaxed somehow.
Our Mövenpick hotel also has a spa-area which previously has been rated the best in the world. So of course me and my grandmother decided to try it out.
We only entered the area though, and tried all the different pools and saunas there.
But I´ve decided to spend some money there tomorrow and pamper myself a little to calm down before the long flight to Japan.

Tonight our group will leave the hotel at 24:00, and I´ll be the only one left here. My plane doesn´t leave until 17:15 tomorrow, so I still have some time left to enjoy Jordan a bit more. It has been a really exciting holiday, and Jordan is a destination I would recommend to anybody.

Well, that´s all for now.
Take care!

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