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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First school-days!

Hi again from Kyoto!
Now I´ve been here for one week! Yay! I´ve finally bought a new camera, so this time I´ll post some pictures of my surrounding here in Japan.
On Saturday me and my new friend Erica went to the Kyoto Station by bike, and I bought both a new camera and also an electronic dictionary. We were a bit unlucky on the way back and got a bit lost. But Kyoto really isn´t the worst city to get lost in and after asking some of the locals we soon found our way back home.
On Sunday I went to Kyoto Station again to meet another friend; Ikki. We went to the downtown-area I went to with Alex and Maho last week and he showed me some nice shops where they had cheap and nice clothes:)
In the evening there was a welcome-party in the basement of the dormitory, and I arrived just in time for that. I live in the so-called International House 1 (I-House I), and there ar
e people from almost all over the world living here so it´s really nice!

On Monday ( we had our first day at school. First one ordinary class of Japanese where we read some texts and s
o on. Then me and Alex went to the library to study since we both were going to take some classes later that day. First it was the Business Japanese class. Since I got into the A-level classes I´
ve got the chance to choose two classes myself so this was my first choice.
In the end I had a Calligraphy-class, where we basically drew 日本 (the japanese symbols meaning "Japan") in one hour. It was actually quite relaxing, though it is
kinda hard to make the symbols look good enough.

Today I´ve only had one class, which were Japanese again. So now I have to do some cleaning here, and then I´m going to study.

In the end I want to share some pictures I´ve taken from and of my dormitory:)

Right now my room is kind of messy because of unorganized papers, so I´ll post some pictures next time instead..! :)
View from my window (North)
View from my window (South)
The entrance to iHouse I
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